Finding Healing

As most of you know, I am not only a writer and teacher, but a minister of the Gospel as well. Over the past few weeks, some other faithful Christian ministers and I have begun to unite our efforts for the purpose of creating a brand new blog site that will be devoted to helping people receive healing from the Lord Jesus Christ. There are hundreds of thousands of people in the world today who are sick and suffering. Sometimes, they can get the help they need from medical science, but more often than not – especially in the case of truly life-threatening diseases and conditions – they can get only a brief respite from symptoms and long, painful, treatments that carry no promises of complete recovery.

I have been in ministry for nearly 40 years, and have been privileged to teach people the truth about how much God wants them well, and how He offers that healing through the finished work of Jesus Christ. I have seen God’s Word and the power of His Spirit deliver people from some of the most ghastly physical maladies and restore them to perfect health. So have the other ministers that I am united with in this effort. So have scores of great teachers and ministers of the Gospel from the last two centuries.

But people have to know the truth before it can set them free. So that means they have to know the truth about healing from the Lord before it can set them free from sickness and infirmity. This new site, “Healing From Jesus,” is dedicated to helping people KNOW – and helping them RECEIVE health from the Lord.

So if you know anyone who is in need of healing of any kind – for body, mind, emotions – or who needs deliverance from addictions or other debilitating conditions – please let them know about “Healing From Jesus.” Give them the opportunity to take advantage of the ministry offered on this new site. Here’s the link:

Healing From Jesus

2 thoughts on “Finding Healing

  1. This is a wonderful blessing…Sorry about dropping out of the blogosphere as I did, but, believe me Houston…we had a problem…Computer problem that is, although, I seem to have found during my time offline that I had been spending way too much time online and not in the Word. Judging from the time your picture and comment showed up just now @ my latest post…I ‘m wondering if you even saw my grill pics as I was in the middle of trying to recover the two pics I just deleted. I actually drug another outdated slow computer out of the archive closet last week to just pay bills on etc…and was coaxed into attempting the latest post…and, well, as you can see…or, maybe didn’t see from the images that you may or may not have seen…Gee, I hope this all makes at least a LITTLE sense…
    It probably makes more sense than the post you read @ my site if the images were not actually present as you were reading it…
    Anyway!!! Bless You great to hear from you and see your face.

    1. I was just about to close out for the night, but remembered I hadn’t checked my e-mail for this blog yet. I was so glad to see a new post from you. When I first went to your page, the pictures were not there, but then they showed up.

      I sympathise completely about the computer problems. I’ve been having huge problems the past couple of months as well. I have an old computer too, and a newer one (not at all NEW, just newER). The Windows system in the newer one crashed completely. It was some time before I was able to get a Linux program on a CD to put in and start it up so I could save some stuff from my hard drive. In the mean time I tried to use the old one, and it has such an old operating system and very, very, very low memory. It was a super challenge. Now I am back on the newer one, but with a Linux system, so I am having to learn how to deal with all the programs that work with Linux and not Windows. Whew! About the time I thought I had earned my Master’s Degree in Computer, I have to start back at about 3rd grade again.

      And yes, I understood your comment perfectly. Now, the question is whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.

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