3 thoughts on “Evolution? Maybe It’s All About Perspective

  1. The THEORY of Evolution is NOT in conflict with the Gernesis Creation STORY; rather., it is an attempt to explain HoW — God’s logical processes and proceedures in the formation of the universe. Most of the angst and confusion arises over the time-line,and centers on the use of the word “days.” My view is that the Genesis writers simply used the most readily un derstood unit of time to describe seven units of time before the earth turned on its axis (How long was a day then?) and before folks understood the concept of a globular earth, moon, and sun — to say nothing of the concept of revolving heavenly bodies. Different Native American nations nations had different creation stories, and are known to have shared them with neighboring groups. The western peoples had “First Man and First Woman entering this world from a previous world, some thru a hole in the ground, others thru a hollow log, a great fire, or a great water. Am i wrong to ask if these creation stories might have originated from the experiences of migrations across the land and ice bridges between Siberia and Alaska, down past active and extinct volcanos, thru primeval forests, deserts, mountains, and glaciers? Some may have originated from South Sea Islanders who crossed vast reaches of the Pacific as the Kon-Tiki experiment proved was likely. I think these tribal stories evolved in similar fashion to the word-of-mouth traditions of the distant ancestors of Abraham. I believe that God inspired the scribes who first wrote down these oral traditions within the limits of their understanding. If we assume the Genesis story is Historical account, we miss much of the awe and magesty of God’s universal truths!

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