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Have you ever watched sunlight caress a mountain? It moves over it slowly … steadily … possessively … eventually spreading its light and warmth into every possible crevice. It rests there as long as possible … moving away unwillingly … continuing to stretch itself … reaching out with lingering fingers of light … trying to maintain contact as long as possible. That’s the way God touches those He loves.  Let Him touch you today.


4 thoughts on “Touched

    1. I’m not positive, since the photo is one of a group that is offered royalty-free for a package price — for use in any venue. I’ve seen it used by other professionals who needed a photo like this for their project. But I’m almost positive it’s Ireland. You don’t see those kinds of geographical shapes in that particular shade of green any place else, I don’t think. And I’m thinking I’ve seen this same photo in a layout of some kind on Ireland. Sorry I can’t be more help.

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