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Have you ever watched sunlight caress a mountain? It moves over it slowly … steadily … possessively … eventually spreading its light and warmth into every possible crevice. It rests there as long as possible … moving away unwillingly … continuing to stretch itself … reaching out with lingering fingers of light … trying to maintain contact as long as possible. That’s the way God touches those He loves.  Let Him touch you today.



    1. I’m not positive, since the photo is one of a group that is offered royalty-free for a package price — for use in any venue. I’ve seen it used by other professionals who needed a photo like this for their project. But I’m almost positive it’s Ireland. You don’t see those kinds of geographical shapes in that particular shade of green any place else, I don’t think. And I’m thinking I’ve seen this same photo in a layout of some kind on Ireland. Sorry I can’t be more help.

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