Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 17

Well, I thought I would close things out with a big finale, so I’m offering you four pictures this week.  The first three are the ‘Chicago Windows Trilogy.’ They are some shots my sister took (from her hotel window) while in Chicago this past year. I believe these enormous skyscrapers with their thousands of windows say something significant about our culture: Windows are no longer just an opening in the wall through which we can see out or see in. They have become a major and an influential part of our architecture, and as such, have a great deal to say about our society — for now and for the future when people look back on the kinds of buildings we created in which to live and work.




This last little window is one that I’m sharing because I began this challenge with a small personal window that had a flower box sitting on its ledge. I thought it was appropriate to share another of those charming windows with you in closing.  They really are one of my favorite kinds of windows in the whole world.


This challenge has been so much fun for me. I never dreamed, when I whimsically posted that first picture that so many of you out there would also enjoy taking and sharing pictures of windows. You have been great, and I’ve enjoyed all of your photos very, very much. I’m also grateful to have had this opportunity to meet so many of you through this venture, and I will most definitely still visit your blogs and stay in communication. I’m not leaving the blogging community. I just need to step out of this challenge because I can’t be sure right now that I will be able to post something on a strict schedule, and I don’t want the rest of you having to wait on me to post your pictures.

But one of our participants has asked to take over the challenge and keep it going from her site. Her blog is called “The Day After — Musings of a Wannabe Photographer.”  Here’s the link to her site:

So if you are still enjoying this challenge, just hop over there and follow her blog so that you will see the notification of next week’s challenge from there. I’ll join in as often as I can. The Lord bless you all.  Keep having fun.

25 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 17

      1. Gilly, this is SO UNIQUE! I love this building. I’m assuming during its original use, marketeers set up stalls of some kind in the open lower lever and also on the second level that was enclosed. Do you know for sure how it was used? Is it still in use?

        You always have such interesting photos. Looking forward to seeing more through the LingeringVisions site.

  1. Out on a high ! Great Lofty Heights 🙂
    Thanks Sandra …. I think you started a new hobby ….Window Photo Shopping !

  2. I wouldn’t want to be a window washer and have to clean those skyscraper windows! The buildings look so imposing, even in photos; it makes my neck hurt just to think about standing on the ground and looking up at them. Great choices for your final week hosting the windows challenge, especially the small window, those really are the most charming. Thank you for hosting this photo challenge Sandra, it was a fun way to focus on one particular subject, and to see all the different submissions each week. I certainly understand why you need to discontinue it, and maybe it will be even more fun for you if you don’t feel the stress of trying to meet a deadline. I’ll still participate, and probably still be late more often than not 🙂 Here’s my entry for this week:

    1. This is really pretty, Sharon. Looks like a place to relax with a cup of coffee and watch the world go by.

      And yes, this has been great fun. Hopefully Lingering Visions will have as much fun hosting it as I did.

    1. These are lovely and truly interesting. They all seem to tell a unique story. The one with the window cleaner at work is amazing. But I honestly think if I had to choose just one, it would be the Emerald Hill Houses. Thank you for sharing, and be sure to check into the new site that is going to be hosting the challenge from now on.

    1. Oh, this is amazing! And a perfect picture for the final post on my site. I’ve really never seen anything like it. Thanks so much for taking part in this. I hope you continue to enjoy it as it is hosted by Lingering Visions.

      And thanks for the comment on my photos. I really wanted to post that little sweet window, but I just couldn’t pass up those dramatic pics from Chicago by my sister.

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