Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 17

Well, I thought I would close things out with a big finale, so I’m offering you four pictures this week.  The first three are the ‘Chicago Windows Trilogy.’ They are some shots my sister took (from her hotel window) while in Chicago this past year. I believe these enormous skyscrapers with their thousands of windowsContinue reading “Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 17”

Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 16

I’m late with “Thursday’s Windows” again this week — due to the fact that I was sick this past week and had my work schedule flopped around, so that I was a little out of sync. Since I’m evidently having a problem keeping up with the program, I think it’s probably time to bring thisContinue reading “Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 16”

Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 15

Ministerial duties on behalf of a grieving family came ahead of my blog work this week, so I am late posting the ‘Thursday’s Windows’ article, but here it is. The first photo is of the front window at the City Hall Building in a neighboring town — part of their Christmas celebration. The camel, ofContinue reading “Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 15”

Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 14

TWO CHRISTMAS WINDOWS FROM MY HOMETOWN THIS WEEK: This first set is both sides of the headquarters of the Brewster Philanthropic Foundation. Each year they light their second-story windows like this especially for Christmas. This next picture is one of the same buildings I featured in a day-time picture a few weeks ago. I reallyContinue reading “Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 14”

Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 13

A local shop window decorated for Christmas. This picture didn’t come out quite as clear as I had hoped, but I was fascinated by all the work that had to go into creating this fantasy scene, and I wanted to share it. Please be sure and leave the link to your own windows pictures.

Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 12

Okay, you all know how much I love Christmas, so, naturally, I have to bring the celebration to my windows.  This is three views of the window of my front door and the Christmas wreath which pretty much covers it. So, yeah, really it’s pictures of my Christmas wreath, but I figure there’s enough windowContinue reading “Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 12”

Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 11

A little different view on this week’s window:   A few months ago, I did an experiment, which included trying to take a picture of the moon through my living room window.  I knew it would probably not take very well, but I did not realize just what kind of product I would end upContinue reading “Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 11”

Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows – Week 10

Posting a day early because of the holiday. I have borrowed a window again this week, mainly because it is one of my favorite window pictures, and it seem so very appropriate for this Thanksgiving week. I’m truly enjoying all of your pictures. Isn’t it amazing how something  so “ordinary” can suddenly become a thingContinue reading “Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows – Week 10”

Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 9

I live in a small city that is a little over 100 years old, and I’m glad that several of the business owners have gone to the trouble and expense of refurbishing and restoring so many of our buildings.  I love to look down this street on a quiet day and see the windows inContinue reading “Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 9”

Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows – Week 8

Below is my offering for this week.  It is a photo my sister took on her trip to France last year.  She loves Monet’s work and has always wanted to visit his home.  When she did so, she got some great pictures. What fascinates me about the home is that it has SO MANY windows.Continue reading “Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows – Week 8”

Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 7

One of my favorite windows in the world: My front door.  In the U. S. it’s quite common to have two doors at the entrances: One a normal wooden door and the other a storm/screen door, which usually consists of glass windows which can be converted to screens for warm weather. Some are plain andContinue reading “Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 7”

Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 6

Madonna and Child window above the main entrance to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church in Herrin, Illinois, U. S. A.  The inscription is from the Gospel of Matthew: “My house shall be called a house of prayer.” Well, here we are in our 6th week of “Thusday’s Windows.” I’m having fun. Hope youContinue reading “Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 6”

Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 5

This week, I’m sharing two photos because I couldn’t make a decision. Both of these are “borrowed” with permission.  I love these charming windows with the flower pots sitting outside them.  I wish I had a window at my house where I could do this.  The second window serves as background for this laden table.Continue reading “Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 5”

Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 4

This is my favorite church window in my home town. I’m really enjoying all of these great posts.  They sort if “open a window” into the lives of the people with whom we share this little section of cyberspace. Your posts do not have to be of “church” windows.  Any window that appeals to youContinue reading “Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 4”

Photo Challenge: ‘Thursday’s Windows’ – 3rd Week

Well, that time has rolled around again, and I am posting a photo from my old high school days.  The picture shows several of my classmates in study hall, but what catches my attention is that whole wall of windows at the back of the room.  They are the epitome of “School Windows” from aboutContinue reading “Photo Challenge: ‘Thursday’s Windows’ – 3rd Week”