Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows – Week 8

Below is my offering for this week.  It is a photo my sister took on her trip to France last year.  She loves Monet’s work and has always wanted to visit his home.  When she did so, she got some great pictures.

What fascinates me about the home is that it has SO MANY windows. You don’t see many one-family homes with rows and rows of windows like these, and I think they are what give the home a special, beautiful charm.

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63 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows – Week 8

    1. Ah bless you Sandra, I think it was because I posted very early this morning – before you were awake!
      I love your photo, I’m sure your sister enjoyed Giverny, I’ve never been even though its just across the channel, maybe one day!

      1. I think I’m going to try to put my ‘Thursday’s Windows’ posts up on Wednesday nights (my time), so that all of my great friends who get to Thursday way before I do won’t have to wait so long to post their own contributions.

        Although I love my country passionately and am grateful I was born here, I have always been a person who was very aware that I am part of a whole world and not just one nation. But the experience of blogging and making real friends from all over that world really does help me to consider the rest of that world even more than I did previously. I’m very grateful for the experience. And a good place to concentrate my attention is on the fact that just because it’s Wednesday where I am does not mean that it is Wednesday all over the rest of the universe.

    1. Great post! I love all three. And I do like to look at those optical illusions and let my imagination run free.

      And yes, my sister got some great photos of the gardens too. She wants to go back this next summer, and I really hope she can.

    1. Great photo, Paul. And actually, I did post that comment in reply when your link first came up, but it doesn’t seem to be there — so I’ll just say it again now. (WP seems a little wild today, for some reason. My grandmother would have said, ‘It’s sunspots.’) Anyway, I love this shot, and I think I’m going to post a link to it on my Facebook page. It says so much with that quote fitting it so perfectly.

    1. Cee, these are absolutely wonderful photos! I can’t choose a favorite, but they all stir my imagination — trying to figure what the people’s lives were like who once looked through these windows on a daily basis. Thanks so much for joining in and sharing them.

    1. Feel free to submit your window pictures any time. I labeled this challenge “Thursday’s Windows” primarily because I got the idea and started it on a Thursday — and also because I was pretty sure I hadn’t seen any other challenges out there for that day. But you can post any day at all. Thanks for taking part. These are some great photos. It must have been a memorable trip.

    1. Just want to let you know that I have nominated you for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award.” You can find information about it on my site. And please don’t get bogged down by the “rules” of the award. Sometimes these awards can become a burden if we let them, so I don’t want that to happen. Just read the post and you’ll see that you are free to comply with only the parts of the award “rules” that you are comfortable with. Just enjoy it.

      1. Oh my gosh! I have only just seen this comment from you! Thank you so very much, I am humbled and honoured! Forgive me for not even acknowledging the award nom. Bless you

        1. No problem. So often awards come with so many rules that they are sometimes a very “mixed” blessing. I have even done a post stating that from this year on, I do not intend to accept or pass on awards that require the obedience of a bunch of rules in order to accept them. I believe that anyone who is worthy of an award has already earned that award and does not need to do anything else. And when I do pass on awards, I try to let people know that I truly believe they deserve that award and that, as far as I’m concerned, they do not have to comply with rules. In the future, I will probably try to honor people in ways that will not require them to jump through any more hoops. So please feel free to just post the emblem on your site and enjoy the honor without feeling obligated to do anything else unless you just want to.

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