Friday Fictioneers, January 16, 2015 — The Havisham Curse

With a nod of appreciation to the master, Charles Dickens, for the seed I borrowed to grow my story, I offer my contribution to this week’s Friday Fictioneers. Hop over to the host site and find out how to contribute your own 100-word story and take part in the fun. The photo prompt was provided by Jan Wayne Fields.




The priceless, ornate table wear was arranged in perfect symmetry, awaiting the wedding breakfast. Each piece of tarnished silver lay untouched beside the once royal blue linen napkins, now faded to dusty gray. They matched the layers of dust that veiled the sparkle of crystal goblets and smothered the plates and bowls at each setting. Alicia stood at the dingy window, looking out. It no longer reflected her once white gown, fraying now at its yellowed edges. Her rose bouquet lay on the table, virtually petrified. Still, she waited. Edgar had promised to marry her.  She mustn’t lose hope yet.



100-Word Challenge for Grownups – Week 120

Well, I’m almost late with my story for this week’s challenge, and, to be honest, I’m a tad over the word limit, but I don’t have any more time to edit it further. So here’s my offering for Julia’s picture prompt.



At dusk, Marla went to retrieve her shoes from the window where she’d left them to dry after the storm. Glancing out, she saw an old woman exit the side of the building across the street. But that building had been abandoned for a year!

The woman, carrying a small, tight bundle, sneaked through the deserted street to the river’s edge. After looking around furtively, she heaved the bundle into the rushing water.

Barely able to see through the gathering gloom now, Marla glanced back at the building and saw an adolescent girl’s face in the window. The girl’s frightened eyes met Marla’s for a second before the girl ducked from view.

Marla tried not to understand what she had seen.


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Thursday’s Lingering Look at Windows — Week 45

I woke earlier than usual a couple of weeks ago, and when I opened my eyes, this lovely play of light and shadow was right in front of me. The sun was at just the right place to cause the corner of the front porch roof to look like artwork against the venetian blinds at the window. I had never seen it this way before, nor have I seen this same display since then. Needless to say, I jumped out of bed and grabbed my camera.




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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Color of Your Choice

RED SMILEY - with text -super redThe color of my choice this week is RED!  I’m really into red right now because that’s the color I’ve chosen to accent my kitchen. My kitchen is primarily blue and white. Actually the walls are half blue and half white, but almost all the cabinets and appliances are white.  I love that, but then the whole picture needs one more color to give it that certain spark. At one time I used yellow, and that was gorgeous. During a three-year period, I accented with black. That was rather dramatic, and I enjoyed it. But it is time for a change now, and I’m in the process. The top three photos show my kitchen window, an assortment of utensils, and my new red toaster and coffee pot. The last two items were gifts from my sister when she learned that I was going red. Below those is a shot of my Ritz Crackers box, because I LOVE Ritz!  And last, but certainly not least, is my Blue Spruce in the snow — with a little red makeup.





Take part in the fun. Visit Cee’s blog for the details.

Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 14


This first set is both sides of the headquarters of the Brewster Philanthropic Foundation. Each year they light their second-story windows like this especially for Christmas.



This next picture is one of the same buildings I featured in a day-time picture a few weeks ago. I really like these windows, and I especially thought the lighted effect was so pretty.

Exif JPEGHope everyone out there is having a wonderful time of celebration this Christmas season. Be sure to leave the links to your pictures in the comment section below.

And, no, they do not have to be Christmas windows.

Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 12

Okay, you all know how much I love Christmas, so, naturally, I have to bring the celebration to my windows.  This is three views of the window of my front door and the Christmas wreath which pretty much covers it. So, yeah, really it’s pictures of my Christmas wreath, but I figure there’s enough window showing to make it legal for the challenge.




Please be sure to leave the links to your windows in the Comments section below.

Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 11

A little different view on this week’s window:   A few months ago, I did an experiment, which included trying to take a picture of the moon through my living room window.  I knew it would probably not take very well, but I did not realize just what kind of product I would end up with.

 In this photo, you can see through my window, with a fairly good view of the two house right across the street, the trees, and the moon.  But you also see the clear reflection of two of my living room walls, the picture hanging on one of them,  the doorway into my kitchen, a row of books on the top of a bookcase on the left side of that doorway, a box sitting on a shelf on the opposite side of that same doorway, part of my ceiling, and the pull knob of my ceiling fan.  

I could not believe how clearly all of those things — which are spread across two opposite sides of my living room — as well as on the ceiling — could show up in the same picture — particularly since I was focusing away from all of them. I thought you might find it interesting too. There’s just no end to what one can see through a window, is there? 

Don’t forget to leave the links to your windows pictures.

Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows – Week 10

Posting a day early because of the holiday.

I have borrowed a window again this week, mainly because it is one of my favorite window pictures, and it seem so very appropriate for this Thanksgiving week. I’m truly enjoying all of your pictures. Isn’t it amazing how something  so “ordinary” can suddenly become a thing of delight and even inspiration when we focus on it differently?  My mother taught me that. She was a poet, and almost every poem she wrote focused on the “specialness” that she saw in the “ordinary” people and things in her life. I will always appreciate that gift from her.

Be sure to leave the link to your pictures. And for those of you who live in the U. S., I wish you a warm, wonderful, delightful Thanksgiving!

Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows – Week 8

Below is my offering for this week.  It is a photo my sister took on her trip to France last year.  She loves Monet’s work and has always wanted to visit his home.  When she did so, she got some great pictures.

What fascinates me about the home is that it has SO MANY windows. You don’t see many one-family homes with rows and rows of windows like these, and I think they are what give the home a special, beautiful charm.

Be sure to post your comments and your links below.

Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 7

One of my favorite windows in the world: My front door.  In the U. S. it’s quite common to have two doors at the entrances: One a normal wooden door and the other a storm/screen door, which usually consists of glass windows which can be converted to screens for warm weather. Some are plain and some are embellished with designs made from different materials — often wrought iron — like mine. When the sun rises every morning, this is the beautiful scene I encounter, and I love the way the storm door windows allow both sun and shadow to paint a picture on my wooden door.

Be sure to leave a comment and link to your own windows.  Thanks to all of you for joining in and opening so many windows into your world for us to share.

Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 6

Madonna and Child window above the main entrance to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church in Herrin, Illinois, U. S. A.  The inscription is from the Gospel of Matthew: “My house shall be called a house of prayer.”

Well, here we are in our 6th week of “Thusday’s Windows.” I’m having fun. Hope you are too.  Remember to leave a link to your window photos in the comments section below.

Photo Challenge: ‘Thursday’s Windows’ – 3rd Week

Well, that time has rolled around again, and I am posting a photo from my old high school days.  The picture shows several of my classmates in study hall, but what catches my attention is that whole wall of windows at the back of the room.  They are the epitome of “School Windows” from about 4 or 5 decades ago.  (Yes, I’m really that old, but don’t tell anyone.)

There’s just something so special about them to me.  They were the same throughout the school — and throughout many U. S. schools during those years. (In fact, I can’t look at windows like that without thinking “School.”)

The top windows of each set of three opened out, and the bottom windows opened in.  You twisted the little handle on each window to open it, and of course, there were no screens.  But during the first and last month of our school year, the weather was so warm (or hot) that we had to have those windows open.  And because of the way they opened in two directions, they did offer a pretty good breeze. Virtually all of our classrooms had them across the whole length of the outside walls, and it made things quite pleasant to have that much natural light and to be able to see the rest of the world outside while slaving away at the books.

Just looking at them brings back so many wonderful memories of those school days. I bet a lot of you out there remember them as well — but you don’t have to admit your age if you don’t want to.

And don’t feel that you need to post windows pertaining to schools this week.  The challenge is still the same and will remain so until we get tired of it.  It’s just “Thursday’s Windows” — any kind, any size, any where. I’m really enjoying all your entries.  Isn’t it amazing what a variety there is of something so seemingly “ordinary”?

Remember to post the link to YOUR picture in the comment section below.

P. S.  I have to be away from my computer for a few days this weekend, so if I don’t respond to your picture right away, don’t think I’m not interested.  I will be looking forward to seeing all of them when I can get back to the Internet.

Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows

Well, folks, this is our second week of “Thursday’s Windows” photo challenge. Hope you are enjoying your window shopping and sharing what you find.  This photo is of my kitchen window.  One of the reasons we bought this house was because of an arched doorway in the kitchen and these windows with the cozy little inset shelves on each side. I think they add a special charm to the house, and I love them.
Be sure to leave the link to your photo in the comment section below.


New Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows

I’ve been in a whimsical mood this morning, and got to thinking about all the photo challenges out there.  I was in the mood to post a lovely, sunny photo of a window, but then I thought: “Hey, there’s no photo challenge for Thursdays. (At least not that I know of.)  Maybe I should invent one.” So here goes.  


Now this challenge is a little different:  The challenge is just for “Thursday’s Windows.” Each Thursday, we post a different window, but the main theme will not change. (I love windows.)

And all of you readers out there who are over-burdened by these challenges, please feel free to skip this one.  But if you want to participate, I’m looking forward to seeing all the varieties of windows that open us up to the rest of the world.

Also, please feel free to post on a day other than Thursday.  If you get busy and forget on Thursday, put it up anytime before the next Thursday.  I will renew the challenge each Thursday with my own window, and then you can post again on that Thursday as well. Very Important: Be sure to post a link to your window in the comment section below.

Happy Window Shopping, Everyone!  Here’s mine:

I did not take this photo, but I have permission to use it.
It’s sunny disposition just grabbed me!  It looks happy.