Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 7

One of my favorite windows in the world: My front door.  In the U. S. it’s quite common to have two doors at the entrances: One a normal wooden door and the other a storm/screen door, which usually consists of glass windows which can be converted to screens for warm weather. Some are plain and some are embellished with designs made from different materials — often wrought iron — like mine. When the sun rises every morning, this is the beautiful scene I encounter, and I love the way the storm door windows allow both sun and shadow to paint a picture on my wooden door.

Be sure to leave a comment and link to your own windows.  Thanks to all of you for joining in and opening so many windows into your world for us to share.

38 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 7

      1. Oh!!! This shutter is really old! They don’t make these any more. It opens by pulling a thick rubber band from the inside and closes by releasing it slowly. They only still exist in old buildings, but they ‘re a classic. 🙂

    1. Oh, I really like both of these. The bottom photo just makes me want to get into that building and be able to sit in that round bank of windows and look out for a long time. Some windows just have some special romance about them, don’t they?

      1. Thank you 🙂 That’s true .

        ps I can’t seem to get my link to you work for some reason :-/ ..any idea what I might doing wrong ?

        1. I went over to your site and clicked on the link, and it takes me to a search engine page — which I’m assuming it did for you too. That is odd, and I can’t think of anything that would cause it. But I know once in a while, I have something on here that doesn’t seem to work right, and I usually just re-do it. Most of the time that works. So you might try deleting that line in your editor window and copying and pasting the link in the post again. It might clear it up. But if it doesn’t, please don’t worry about it on my account.

    1. Yes, I really like this one. I also left a comment on your own site about it. But I know what you mean about not thinking of using the window in your door. It’s amazing how many things we see on an every-day basis and don’t actually think about how they might seem “special” to other people if we shared them.

    1. Oh, these are wonderful!!! I love the Smokies too. Wish I could live there. I just got back from there a couple of weeks ago and promised a whole slideshow of photos, but — too many irons in the fire.

      I love the houses looking back in time (and I love your header photo as well). I remember one time standing on a back porch of one of the old homes in Cade’s Cove and looking up into the mountains all around me. I had been thinking how HARD life had to have been for those people, but then I looked at all that beauty and thought, “But it was surely worth it to be able to step out onto their back porch and see all this beauty anytime they wanted.

      That upside-down house is wild. Where did you find that?

      1. Thanks, Sandra! I saw that upside-down house somewhere near the Smokies, but I can’t remember where exactly. I should Google it – you can find anything by Googling, I’m told. 🙂 And yes, funny thing…I used to stand on the porches of those houses in Cades Cove and think about what it used to be like in my grandmother’s day. My mother told me some of our relatives used to live in that area before it became a national park, and life was very hard.

        1. Also, don’t worry about posting after Thursday. The only reason I called it “Thursday’s Windows” was because I started it on a Thursday, and I was pretty sure no one else had a challenge going on that day.

    1. Paul, your link came up on WEEK 7’s post for “Thursday’s Windows.” That was last week. Lucid Gypsy’s did that as well, and I thought it was just hers, so I re-posted it. Then someone else posted their link on Lucid Gypsy’s site. Now yours is showing up on Week 7 as well. I’m not sure what’s wrong, but I can’t take the time to re-post everybody’s link personally. You might want to go to the “Week 8” post — which just came up about 20 minutes ago — and post your link to this picture there. Thanks. It’s a great photo.

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