Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows

Well, folks, this is our second week of “Thursday’s Windows” photo challenge. Hope you are enjoying your window shopping and sharing what you find.  This photo is of my kitchen window.  One of the reasons we bought this house was because of an arched doorway in the kitchen and these windows with the cozy little inset shelves on each side. I think they add a special charm to the house, and I love them.
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20 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows

    1. Oh, Gilly, this is gorgeous. There are so many different kinds of windows in this one photo too. I especially love the ones on the 2nd and 3rd stories of a couple of those buildings — and the ones on the front of the church. Thanks for taking part again. You always have great pictures.

    1. How intriguing. Now, I’m letting my imagination work away, and I’m wondering if perhaps it let in the sun or moon at a particular angle so that it touched on something below in a certain way — giving them a sign of some kind or an appointed time for some event. Hmmmm … could have possibilities for a new novel, huh?

      Thank you so much for contributing.

    1. What an absolutely GORGEOUS post! That is an entire tour of windows, from outside and inside. And you are so right: that workmanship can’t be surpassed. I noticed something else particularly too — something I always seem to notice in the pictures of English churches — whether cathedrals or village churches. They always seem so much more narrow inside than I expect from looking at the outside. But that’s a good thing, it seems to me, because it means the people are actually situated closer together for worship than the outside leads you to believe. I like that.

      Thanks for taking part. And feel free to post anytime from one Thursday to the next.

        1. P. S. I meant to add this earlier, but forgot. I would never — and I mean NEVER — have guessed that either one of those older ladies was 99! My goodness, I pray that I look that good when I get to that age!

    1. Really beautiful, Sharon. I do like all those windows in the church, but I don’t know about separating men and woman. There have been several different sects that have worshiped that way over the centuries though. I think it’s kind of sad that a church that beautiful isn’t being used anymore. Thanks for taking part in this.

      1. I’m not sure where the idea came from to separate men and women at church, I’ve never attended one that had that practice. I suppose it was someone’s interpretation of a Scripture, even though the early Christians worshiped together. It is really sad that so many beautiful old churches are sitting abandoned, but at least some are still kept open for people to visit and kept somewhat maintained.

  1. I love both of your window submissions Sandra! The shelves by the kitchen window are definitely charming, and a wonderful place to put special little treasures to see when you spend time there.

    1. I posted a comment on your site about these. They are terrific! So glad you could join in. And don’t worry about the kind of window. The theme is the same every Thursday: Just “Windows.” That way, everyone can spread out as far as their imagination will take them. And since it doesn’t change each week, people have more time to look for things they can share, so even if they miss a week, they are still working on the same idea the next week. I just love windows for some reason, and this seemed like fun.

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