New Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows

I’ve been in a whimsical mood this morning, and got to thinking about all the photo challenges out there.  I was in the mood to post a lovely, sunny photo of a window, but then I thought: “Hey, there’s no photo challenge for Thursdays. (At least not that I know of.)  Maybe I should invent one.” So here goes.  


Now this challenge is a little different:  The challenge is just for “Thursday’s Windows.” Each Thursday, we post a different window, but the main theme will not change. (I love windows.)

And all of you readers out there who are over-burdened by these challenges, please feel free to skip this one.  But if you want to participate, I’m looking forward to seeing all the varieties of windows that open us up to the rest of the world.

Also, please feel free to post on a day other than Thursday.  If you get busy and forget on Thursday, put it up anytime before the next Thursday.  I will renew the challenge each Thursday with my own window, and then you can post again on that Thursday as well. Very Important: Be sure to post a link to your window in the comment section below.

Happy Window Shopping, Everyone!  Here’s mine:

I did not take this photo, but I have permission to use it.
It’s sunny disposition just grabbed me!  It looks happy.

47 thoughts on “New Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows

    1. By the way, Gilly, I figure the challenge will probably only be good for about a month or so. I don’t want any of us to be frustrated finding windows. But you can go any direction you want with it — physical windows, “windows” of opportunity, eyes as “windows” of the soul, etc. Just be free to explore your own directions.

        1. Well, actually it just might go on and on. When I started it, I was a little concerned that people might be “challenged-out” and would consider it a burden to try to take part. That’s why I encouraged them to feel free to opt out and know that they would not offend me. However, we don’t seem to be having any problem finding lovely and intriguing windows to share, so I’ll just let it run for a while. I personally love windows. There is just something so inviting about them. They seem to draw me and cause me to begin imagining who lives behind them, who looks through them, who decorated them etc. They are such an important part of life.

    1. Yes, I do see why you chose that picture. I too love to see well-worn, well-loved things restored. There’s a special charm in some of the craftsmanship of older buildings that make them well-worth the effort. And I love the Microsoft Windows addition! Thanks for posting.

      By the way, I am really awed by your header photo. It’s very special.

    1. Also, you can feel free to post for this week’s challenge on any day between now and next Thursday if you like. We don’t have any actual rules on this one. It’s just the result of my whimsy this morning, and I’m hoping everyone gets some fun out of it.

    1. How delightful! And yes, I can see each item that you refer to in those windows. What a comment on life: When we look into the windows of a cathedral, we can see ourselves for what we are.

      You have a lovely blog. I roamed around some of your other posts, and they are neat. I especially like your description of the sleeping kittens on Corfu. It was word-perfect.

      Thanks for taking part in the challenge.

  1. I just found this through Hearing His Voice, and had to come check it out! Sounded like something right outside my window (since I don’t really have an alley for it to be right up). Now, off to find some favorites so I can catch up! 🙂

    1. Oh, that’s great. It does not have to be posted on a Thursday. Anytime from one Thursday to the next is okay — even if it’s Wednesday. It’s just that most of the challenges specify a day so that people can sort of plan on them, and since I got this “bright” idea on a Thursday — and I was pretty sure there wasn’t a current “Thursday challenge,” — I just went with it.

      1. Well, either I’m not supposed to reply to this, or else I’m supposed to be a l-i-t-t-l-e more careful when I start to hit the reply button, and not make the whole thing disappear! This is the third (count ’em!) time I’ve typed a reply – let’s see if THIS one makes it!! What I was TRYING to say was, I’ve got lots of photos to look at, and I can’t wait to find a good one to join in this challenge. There, I got it said…here goes…R E P L Y ! ! !

        1. Got it — and it said what you said it was supposed to say. Would you like for me to say that again?

    1. These are so neat, Sharon. I have seen many Amish buggies here in Illinois, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen any that were this closed in and had front glass windows. I have learned something with this post. And your text along with the photos is so good. All of these vehicles would indeed have stories to tell. Thank you for sharing them.

    1. Absolutely! Use anything you want. One thing you can count on for this challenge is that there are NO rules. It was born out of my own whimsical feelings one morning when I was wanting to share some pictures of some windows that I thought were delightful. (I just love windows and all the opportunities they seem to offer us to look beyond ourselves as well as into other people’s lives.) So I decided to offer a “challenge” in case others enjoyed windows too. You can use real windows or opt for posting photos that relate to “windows” of opportunity or the eyes as “windows” of the soul — or anything else that comes to mind for you. I began the challenge on a Thursday (hence the name), and I post each of mine on Thursday. But you can post any day from one Thursday to the next. Enjoy.

    1. These are all delightful, Tina! I think if I HAD to choose a favorite, I would have to say I like your header photo best of all … but of the choices in the article itself, I think the yellow one with the flower pots and the dress on the line would be the winner. But I do love all of them. Thanks for sharing so many.

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