Photo Challenge: ‘Thursday’s Windows’ – 3rd Week

Well, that time has rolled around again, and I am posting a photo from my old high school days.  The picture shows several of my classmates in study hall, but what catches my attention is that whole wall of windows at the back of the room.  They are the epitome of “School Windows” from about 4 or 5 decades ago.  (Yes, I’m really that old, but don’t tell anyone.)

There’s just something so special about them to me.  They were the same throughout the school — and throughout many U. S. schools during those years. (In fact, I can’t look at windows like that without thinking “School.”)

The top windows of each set of three opened out, and the bottom windows opened in.  You twisted the little handle on each window to open it, and of course, there were no screens.  But during the first and last month of our school year, the weather was so warm (or hot) that we had to have those windows open.  And because of the way they opened in two directions, they did offer a pretty good breeze. Virtually all of our classrooms had them across the whole length of the outside walls, and it made things quite pleasant to have that much natural light and to be able to see the rest of the world outside while slaving away at the books.

Just looking at them brings back so many wonderful memories of those school days. I bet a lot of you out there remember them as well — but you don’t have to admit your age if you don’t want to.

And don’t feel that you need to post windows pertaining to schools this week.  The challenge is still the same and will remain so until we get tired of it.  It’s just “Thursday’s Windows” — any kind, any size, any where. I’m really enjoying all your entries.  Isn’t it amazing what a variety there is of something so seemingly “ordinary”?

Remember to post the link to YOUR picture in the comment section below.

P. S.  I have to be away from my computer for a few days this weekend, so if I don’t respond to your picture right away, don’t think I’m not interested.  I will be looking forward to seeing all of them when I can get back to the Internet.

38 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: ‘Thursday’s Windows’ – 3rd Week

    1. Hi, Doris. Your post worked great both times. I’m so glad you could participate. I love that picture! The window itself is unique and so very charming. What a lovely reminder of your grandmother’s neighborhood.

    1. Oh, wow, can you imagine being able to sit in that tub and just gaze out at a scene like that for as long as you wanted to? Of course, I’d want to make sure all my neighbors were a discreet distance away.

      Love the kittens in the window — Makes you want to add another verse to the song “How Much Is That Doggie In The Window.”

  1. Oh, yes, I remember those windows – we didn’t have tables like that in the rooms at my high school, or else I’d be studying the picture to see if I’m in it! But I don’t know that it’s a definite age marker. Our local high school still has lots of rooms with exactly that window design. If it ain’t broke, why change it?

    I finally got my window posted, a few hours before midnight Thursday –

    1. Oh, yes, a good one! I thought about doing a car window photo as well, but had so many others I liked too. Hard decision. I like this, and you got a very good shot.

      Also, don’t worry about the time. I try to get mine in so that anyone — wherever they are in the world — can see it when they tune in on Thursday, but I figure anytime from that Thursday to the next is a good time for readers to post new ones.

    1. Oh, this is precious, Sharon. I love old school buildings. I keep thinking there MUST be some way to preserve them and use them for something else significant.

    1. It’s a challenge that was born out of my feeling whimsical one day and deciding I wanted to post some pictures of some windows. I love windows. They always seem to be offering an opportunity to see out or see in to a different part of life, and I never fail to try to imagine what people’s lives are like who live behind the windows I see. They just have a special attraction for me. So I just suddenly decided that maybe other people appreciated them as well and would like to share some of their photos. It was Thursday, and I didn’t remember seeing any other photo challenge labeled as a “Thursday” challenge, so — “Thursday’s Windows” was born. I had no idea it would be so popular or go on for so long. And that’s the whole “scoop.” There are no rules to follow or requirements to fulfill. Just post windows if you want. And you can take the theme any direction: the eyes as “windows of the soul,” “windows of opportunity,” etc. Join in if you like — or just enjoy the other photos.

      1. I’m a window snapper. I love to take pictures of windows from inside, looking out. I dunno, just a weird thing with me-apparently I’m not alone. 🙂 Somebody suggested I start a window thing, kinda like the door thing. Have you seen that one? She suggested tagging on to them. I don’t move fast, so have done nothing, then I saw yours.

        1. I haven’t seen the one about doors. But there is so much going on out here in the world of blogging, that’s not surprising. But it certainly won’t offend me if you start something new with your pictures. In all honestly, I know I’ll probably have to shut this one down soon because it is time consuming, and there’s so much else to do. I work 3 jobs and have several blogs (most of them for the sake of ministry of the Gospel), but since I want to take part in things other people are doing on here, I just can’t keep up with all of it all the time. It has really been a fun thing to get the chance to interact with all the people who appreciate windows as much as I do.

        2. You know something else you could do with your photos looking out of windows is make each photo a writing challenge. Let the writers out there put their imagination to work and write a story that is inspired by the picture. There are a few 100 word challenges out there, but even a 300 word challenge would still make the stories pretty short and easy to deal with. (Just a thought that popped into my head here. Don’t feel one bit bad if you want to ignore it.)

          1. It’s a really great idea! My last set of windows was a trip to Versailles, and the shots look out over the gardens from the palace. Those might be some interesting writing challenges!

          2. Hey, I say go for it. You won’t know until you give it a try, and you might come across a lot of new friends, not to mention inspire someone to write the novel of a lifetime! I once sat down and did a writing exercise that involved two simple words and ended up with one of the best novels I’ve ever written. Unfortunately, personally, so much of the time, I don’t really have time to get into all the challenges on WP, but every time I do it, I have so much fun.

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