Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 11

A little different view on this week’s window:   A few months ago, I did an experiment, which included trying to take a picture of the moon through my living room window.  I knew it would probably not take very well, but I did not realize just what kind of product I would end up with.

 In this photo, you can see through my window, with a fairly good view of the two house right across the street, the trees, and the moon.  But you also see the clear reflection of two of my living room walls, the picture hanging on one of them,  the doorway into my kitchen, a row of books on the top of a bookcase on the left side of that doorway, a box sitting on a shelf on the opposite side of that same doorway, part of my ceiling, and the pull knob of my ceiling fan.  

I could not believe how clearly all of those things — which are spread across two opposite sides of my living room — as well as on the ceiling — could show up in the same picture — particularly since I was focusing away from all of them. I thought you might find it interesting too. There’s just no end to what one can see through a window, is there? 

Don’t forget to leave the links to your windows pictures.

50 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 11

  1. I like windows and have many pix of windows. I am flying out for my vacation tomorrow. Will take more window pix! I did collect a few here to respond to your challenge. Will see if I can do that tonight. I don’t want to forget this challenge…see you later .

    1. I know. I cannot believe it did not reflect me at all. I don’t think I’ve ever taken a picture quite like that before. The way the light reflects in so many different directions and shows up items in unexpected positions is amazing to me.

  2. Thank you for taking care of my early post. Maybe I’ll do that from now on. You’ve made it look special by featuring it in your first comment of the week. But I’m rapidly depleting my reserve of window photos. So now everywhere I drive I’m looking for windows!

    1. That’s the thing that amazes me the most — not seeing myself in the reflection.. Along with seeing other items in my living room looking as though they are side by side, when, in reality, they are on different sides of the room. The reflection of light just amazes me sometimes. And I have to admit I don’t understand it. I was trying for the moon without having to go outside, and I figured it would be a less than perfect shot, but I never dreamed I’d get what I ended up with.

    1. Very Pretty. I really do like those fan windows. They always add a special charm to a house — like bay windows, sliding wooden doors, arched doorways. I love all those kinds of things. My husband and I chose the house I’m currently living in largely because of an arched interior doorway and lots of great windows for light.

  3. I like your take on the theme Sandra! It is interesting to see what you can discover in a reflection. I usually have myself reflected in a photo like that, and try to figure out how to avoid it so it doesn’t interfere with my intended subject(s). If you’re in the photo, you are hidden within the reflection somewhere. It’s a nice bonus when you think your picture won’t turn out, but then you find an interesting twist you didn’t expect. Here is my (late!) entry for this week:

    1. Hey, LubbyGirl, Congratulations on receiving that award. I agree that you seem to be a very sweet person. I am genuinely grateful and very touched by your nomination of me for this award too. However, I am going to have to turn it down — only because of the time constraints in my life right now.

      I have decided it’s time to do an entire post on the topic of blog awards and the fact that, unfortunately, they cause those who are awarded to have to do so much work in order to receive them. That fact has bothered me — and many other bloggers — for some time now, and it’s time we cleared the air, so to speak.

      I had intended doing that previously, and then when I received the award a couple of weeks ago, I thought maybe I had just been looking at things negatively. So I accepted that one and gladly passed it on, but by the time it had taken me an entire week to do the work, I realized that I had been right in my earlier estimation. I have explained my feelings better ( I hope ) in this post: Hope you understand. Thanks again.

      1. OK, so this computer did it again – totally dropped the comment before I could finish and hit “Reply.” Hmm…wonder if it’s trying to tell me something??? 🙂 Anyway, what I was TRYING to say, before Big Brother Computer ‘managed’ things for me, was that I totally understand where you’re coming from on this. And I do not expect anything more from those I pass it along to than to just be encouraged by it. I pass it along only for that reason and am never offended if someone turns it down or doesn’t pass it along themselves. When I get a chance, I plan to pop over and read your post on this; I no doubt agree with much of it before I’ve even read it. 🙂

    1. What a great pairing of colors: the gray wall with the black window frame and the black and white cats. It definitely makes a statement. Thanks for joining in. The new week starts on the 6th. Join in on that week too if you can.

    1. What a great pairing of colors: the gray wall with the black window frame and the black and white cats. It definitely makes a statement. Thanks for joining in. The new week starts on the 6th. Join in on that week too if you can.

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