Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 14


This first set is both sides of the headquarters of the Brewster Philanthropic Foundation. Each year they light their second-story windows like this especially for Christmas.



This next picture is one of the same buildings I featured in a day-time picture a few weeks ago. I really like these windows, and I especially thought the lighted effect was so pretty.

Exif JPEGHope everyone out there is having a wonderful time of celebration this Christmas season. Be sure to leave the links to your pictures in the comment section below.

And, no, they do not have to be Christmas windows.

28 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 14

    1. Wow, your window is very intriguing — as is most always the case. Very good find, Paul.

      And yes, the coffee house is in an old theater building. It dates back to the 40’s and 50’s and was a very popular place at that time — even being visited occasionally by one of the big stars. But it fell into disrepair over the next few decades. Recently two local doctors with a heart for nostalgia renovated it and turned the lower section into a coffee house/restaurant with a movie theme. The decor is definitely 1940’s hollywood and the walls are covered with almost lifesize photos of the late and great. The food is good enough that they eventually had to resort to a full restaurant status in order to handle the business, and the Italian bakery is a result of the heavy Italian influence in our town from the days of its beginnings.

      1. Well, you’ll definitely be seeing me there one of these days. I’m half Italian, I love my coffee, was a film editor for 25 years, love the 40’s films and art posters. What type of doctors are these two guys who renovated?

    1. Very nice, Gilly! Without question, this is the SWEETEST one we’ll get this week.

      I love the English custom of wishing people “Happy Christmas.” Of course, I love to wish people “Merry Christmas” as well, which is what we always do in the States. But several years ago, I started reading more books by current English and European authors and found that they always used the word “Happy” instead of “Merry” when extending holiday wishes. That intrigued me, and I liked it very much. So now I often say that instead of using the word “Merry,” because I really do want people to be HAPPY at this season.

      So a very Happy Christmas to you and your family!

    1. Oh, my heavens!!! I would never have dreamed. I’ve been to several large department stores in big cities in my time, but I’ve never seen a Target store like this! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Sharon, this is incredibly lovely! My, I can just feel what it would be like to have a desk sitting right behind this window so that I could look out on the world through it every day and let my imagination take flight.

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