Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 6

Madonna and Child window above the main entrance to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church in Herrin, Illinois, U. S. A.  The inscription is from the Gospel of Matthew: “My house shall be called a house of prayer.”

Well, here we are in our 6th week of “Thusday’s Windows.” I’m having fun. Hope you are too.  Remember to leave a link to your window photos in the comments section below.

29 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 6

    1. Ohhhh. so pretty! And knowing it’s in a library makes it that much more special. We have a library in a town close to us that has all that special charm as well. When I was a child, I thought visiting there was a great adventure. I still love to visit that library just to look at the building and spend time in it. Our own city library is very modern. However, I have to add that the people there are wonderful, and they make everyone feel so welcome that we have great interaction from the people in our town. In fact, the state of Illinois says that if 25% of a city’s population use a library regularly, it is considered a successful library. But we have over 40% of our citizens who do that. So I can’t complain about it. (Got sidetracked away from windows.)

    1. Oh, how lovely! And yes, those “old-fashioned” widows make a home so much more charming, don’t they. My home is fairly old as well, and it has a lot of windows — and no peep-hole. That’s part of the reason I chose it years ago.

      1. That’s great to know. I feel that sometimes, all this technological advance, is taking away some of the magic in things. Of course, without it, we wouldn’t be able to communicate right now but still…. Some things could be left untouched. 🙂

    1. These are great!!! I love every one of them, but the last is definitely my favorite. It really shows one of the super-great things about windows — that they open us up to the rest of the world. Thanks.

      Also, for some reason, the link on your own post on this page takes me to a page that says, “Page Not Found.” So I’m going to go to your page and copy and paste the link again here — just in case others have had a problem too.

      Here’s the link again:

      1. Oh thank you Sandra
        Am very glad you like them … and thanks for re adjusting my link 🙂 Think I forgot to add tags or somethign at first … oops!

    1. How interesting these windows are! Lovely! I’d like to able to be inside and look out through them. II do hope that all that design work is between two plates of glass, though, so that when they wash windows they don’t have to get into every single little diamond section to wash it. I

    1. Nice. I noticed on that gray wall — on the side of the building — it looks as if they have filled in some windows that used to be there. The carving is still on the outside wall, but the windows themselves are sealed with concrete — or something similar. So here you have an exhibit of open windows — even onto the balcony — contrasted with windows that are sealed closed. Interesting.

    1. Oh, very nice! Makes you want to step right out there.

      And yes, I wavered back and forth about whether to use this particular photo or not. But then I decided that it constituted a “stained glass window,” so I went with it. I took the photo as part of a newspaper story I did a couple years ago, but I’ve wanted to use it for something more ever since. Now was my opportunity.

      Also, I told some of the people in the beginning that they could go any direction they wanted with this theme — “windows” of opportunity, the eyes as “windows” of the soul, etc. So that let me off the hook as well.

      Thanks for joining in again.

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