11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    1. Yes, this was part of some very serious flooding we had in our area about a year ago. A lot of people lost entire crops, and many people had serious damage to their homes. But even in the midst of it, as I was taking photos for newspaper coverage, the juxtaposition of these two signs just struck me as too funny to pass up.

        1. Of course, I think I lost all my good humor last night about midnight. I guess you know the results of our so-called election. But then some of my humor was restored when I saw a picture of the Statue of Liberty hiding behind her pedestal and just peeking around the edge asking, “Is Obama gone yet?”

    1. This happened about a year ago. Very near me, but I live on much higher ground, so I was not flooded. But there were whole sections of acres and acres of land that were under water for over a week. Corn fields looked like big rivers, with waves blowing across them. It was weird. Schools closed, and many people had major damage to their homes. This was a picture I took for a newspaper story. I have friends who live in “Sunnyside,” and that was what brought this sign to my attention. The other one “Impassible during high water” just seemed too funny to pass up.

  1. That looks like a scary flood. I hope you and your family are safe. Images like this reminds us of what natural disasters can do and how my we need God is this moments. have a great weekend.

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