a poem by Sandra Conner

I am bored … so bored.
I need something else to do.
Wrack my brain … the pain.
What will help? Don’t have a clue.

Talk on phone … endless drone.
Do my nails until they gleam.
Clean desk drawer … fun chore:
Found lost candy and hand cream.

Still I’m bored … so bored.
Without something else to try,
I’ll have no choice … guilty voice:
Must start my real work by and by.

3 thoughts on “Bored

    • Actually, I really was! I was sitting at work (at the learning center where I teach), and all my students were doing lessons on iPads that they had to master independently. I couldn’t help them, but I couldn’t leave them (due to liability for the iPads themselves), and I was soooo bored. I wrote the first line, and then I started thinking about how I tend to procrastinate jobs I don’t want to do. In order to put them off, I’ll do all kinds of things that have no connection at all — just so I don’t have to start the “real” work. I have a good friend who is worse about that than I am, so he keeps me from feeling too guilty. But when I thought about that angle, the poem just started to blossom. Just goes to show you can write about ANYTHING and get away with it as long as it rhymes ….

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