Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 5

This week, I’m sharing two photos because I couldn’t make a decision. Both of these are “borrowed” with permission.  I love these charming windows with the flower pots sitting outside them.  I wish I had a window at my house where I could do this. 

The second window serves as background for this laden table.  The whole picture reminds me so very much of my mom’s and grandmother’s tables on baking days — especially around the holidays. Every time I look at this picture, I am transported to some of the happiest memories of my childhood and adolescence. 

One other thing that ties these two pics together is the curtains at the windows.  Did you notice that they are of exactly the same material and with very similar patters embroidered into them?  I love them.

Be sure to leave a link to your windows in the comment section.  I am really enjoying seeing all of your interesting takes on this theme. Hope you’re enjoying it as much.

IF YOU’RE NEW TO THIS CHALLENGE — Here’s the link to the original post that started it all:

35 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 5

  1. Hi there Sandra
    I wish my windowsills were wider too ! Ginger cookies in kit form ??? Two very homely windows 🙂
    Uh… mine is a bit different this week modern with a twist 🙂 will post tomorrow !

    1. Oh, yes I do like it. And I love those handles on the doors and windows in your photos. I noticed the one in last week’s photo as well. They are such an interesting shape compared to the ones here in the States.

      1. Thank you so much Sandra. As I’ve mentioned before windows and doors are very dear to me as subjects of photography. There’s something quite mysterious about them. And every little detail – such as the handles – counts….

    1. Thanks, Dana. I don’t know what’s wrong. I think your pingback is the only thing that came through the first time, and the comment section still says there are 26 comments, but it’s showing only 23. I am getting the notifications on my little symbol at the top of the page, so I’m seeing all the pictures, but unfortunately, some of the regular readers don’t see them all when they go to the post to read it. I can’t imagine what’s wrong, but I’ll try to keep track and make sure everything gets on there.

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