The Great Smoky Mountains — A Little Bit of Heaven on Earth

I had to post this simply because it is my favorite place on the face of this earth.  I got to spend a very little time there again last week.  It is not only my favorite place to be, but it is also the place where my entire “Smoky Mountain Novel Series” was born several years ago.  I guess that fact alone would make it pretty special. I plan to post a slide show of quite a few pictures as soon as I have time.

4 thoughts on “The Great Smoky Mountains — A Little Bit of Heaven on Earth

    1. You were very blessed to grow up there. Wish I could talk the Lord into getting me a job there so that I could live there permanently. Maybe it’s the Cherokee blood in me, but I definitely feel like I’m “home” every time I’m there. I passed up a job opportunity in Bryson City a few years ago, but it was with a new Christian school and would have required me to become a member of the founding church — rather than worship in the kind of church I’m comfortable in — so I felt it would be rather hypocritical to take it. But I’ve sometimes wondered if I missed a great opportunity too.

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