22 thoughts on “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

    1. Thank you. I haven’t had a whole lot of time to do Friday Fictioneers or the photo challenges either one the past couple weeks. I’ve been working on the curriculum and syllabus for a new creative writing class for a local junior college course and also on the National Poetry Month blog challenge to do a poem a day for the 30 days of April. There’s just so many things I want to be involved in on here that I can’t keep up.

      1. I think you have plenty going on, Sandra! 🙂 How wonderful to be teaching a writing class. I taught at our Lutheran high school here in Cleveland (PE) and then home schooled our two girls through high school. Keeps one busy!! I didn’t realize there was a poetry blog challenge for the month until it was already underway. Maybe next year. Sounds like a good, full life. All the best.


        1. Hey, you should get involved in that poetry challenge. They keep making the point that it is NOT too late to get started. I haven’t been able to do a poem every day either. But what I’ve noticed is that if you do any and go to the site to add your blog to the “Participants’ Site,” you get a lot of visitors. I was amazed at the people who started checking out my sites from that link.

          Even if you could write just a few of the days that are left, you might make some connections that you wouldn’t make otherwise. I have a poetry blog on “Blogger” called “Pick a Peck of Poems,” and after I posted that site on the NaPoWriMo list of participants, my visits on the poetry site increased from about 6-8 a day to about 20-something.

          Besides, your such a good writer I’m sure you’d enjoy the challenge. I’ve written two different kinds of poetry that I’ve never written in my life — just thanks to trying to keep up with their prompts. And you don’t have to follow the prompts. They are very clear about that as well. I just think it’s fun, and I think you would too.

          1. I just started doing the weekly photo challenge and have gotten lots of traffic from that. Of course, I go to as many sites as I can, which helps. Haven’t quite figured out the pingback yet, but… Do you have a link for the poetry site?


          2. You know, I had a really hard time trying to understand the “pingback” thing myself. I think I’ve got it now, but I’m not positive. I THINK what it means is that if we post a link that takes our readers to another WordPress site, it is considered a pingback to that site from us. But I may still have it all wrong.

            And I agree that visiting other sites is the most important way to connect. I have been so blessed by meeting and getting to know so many people on here. But then, of course, I feel bad when I get really busy and can’t get around to visit the way I’d like to. As I mentioned, I’m about 2 weeks behind on visiting any Friday Fictioneers or 100-Word Challenge bloggers. It’s kind of like our genetic family that we can’t stay in touch with as often as we’d like. Aunts and uncles and cousins we never see except at funerals, etc. This is like a family as well, and I have gotten close to several people to the point that if they don’t post every day, I really miss them. And if they’re gone a week, I start hounding them to see if everything’s alright.

            And yes, I do have a link to that site. I really hadn’t done much with it in the beginning. I was wanting to try something on “Blogger,” because it’s much more user-friendly as far as having choices on fonts and layouts on their free blogs. And I also wanted to experiment with having a blog devoted exclusively to poetry, so that was my experiment. Here’s the link:

            Hopefully sometime this week I’ll get over to your house and read the last three weeks of your Fictioneers. All of yours have been great, so I’m anticipating some enjoyable reads.

            Oh – by the way – I was a Lutheran for many years, and I taught some in a Lutheran school as well. I still love the Lutheran church. I’m pretty much a non-denominational charismatic now. I minister in all kinds of churches though (teaching and preaching), and once in a while, there are even some Lutherans who open doors to me to teach as well. I enjoy that a lot, and I’m still very grateful for all the great foundations I received during my years in that segment of the Body of Christ. And my hat’s off to you for home-schooling your daughters through high school. It’s a great amount of work and responsibility, but I’m sure you know the Lord has rewarded you for all of it.

          3. Bill got me into FF and I’m so glad he did! I love it and it’s a complete addiction. But I know what you mean about getting too many connections. You can’t keep up with them all unless you do nothing else. 🙂 I’ll look forward to finding out what you think of my stories. This week’s has gone to the top of the charts but that’s partly because there are more people reading my blog now.

            Have a blessed Sunday,


          4. You might be interested to know that one of the main things I learned from my experiment on Blogger was that people don’t comment and interact in the Blogger “family” the way they do on WordPress. I went ahead and posted an author’s blog over there as well — after the poetry blog (but it has mostly the same stuff I do here). People visit, and Blogger tracks the visits really well. They tell you how many, what country, what operating system, what browser, what time of day, etc. But the people themselves don’t really “visit” in the sense that they comment and share with each other. Which is why I still end up doing most of my stuff here.

          5. My experience was that at first I was thrilled when someone other than my family read my blog. Then getting “likes” was exciting. After that, I wanted to hear from people. Now I want it all!!! 🙂 Ha!

            Have a lovely evening, Sandra. Great chatting with you.


    1. Well, Gilly, unfortunately, you haven’t seem much this time either. Not only is it merely the change, but even that isn’t worth anything — at least not the way it used to be. There used to be real silver in our silver coins, and then eventually dimes and quarters became a mixture. Nickels were made of genuine nickel and pennies from copper. Now there’s no silver in any of it, and I doubt that you could get enough nickel or copper out of the other coins to be worth melting them down.

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