NaPoWriMo – 2013 – Day 28 – ‘Yellow’


Day 28, and our prompt is to write a poem based on a color.  I’ve actually done that, since I wrote two poems the day we were supposed to write one that began and ended with the same word. I wrote about the color green that day. However, I didn’t think it was fair to use it again for this prompt, so I have written about a different color today. Here’s my totally light-hearted look at 


Yellow sun, yellow moon,
Yellow ribbon on yellow balloon;

Yellow crayons for coloring,
Yellow bird that chirps and sings.

Yellow duckies, yellow chicks,
Yellow grapefruit freshly picked;

Yellow squash ripe on the vine,
Yellow daffodils — all mine.

Yellow hair, with cheeks so pink,
Yellow lemonade to drink;

Yellow butter drips and drops
From tender yellow corn-on-cob;

Yellow cheese – aroma strong,
Yellow beer to go along.

Yellow curtains, crisp and bright,
Yellow anti-bug porch light; 

But yellow has its ugly side:
Yellow fever; could have died; 

Yellow-bellied, yellow streak,
Yellow-livered, backbone weak.

And sometimes yellow can’t be seen:
It hides in blue and turns to green.


Join the fun for the last three days of the month:


6 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo – 2013 – Day 28 – ‘Yellow’

    1. Yes, and I think there have been 5 or 6 days that I didn’t write one. But, all in all, it’s been a fun challenge. In fact, even though I know I don’t need to spend more time on the blogs, I think I’ll feel a little bored without a challenge of some kind, so I’m thinking about posting another novel one chapter at a time. Maybe I’ll get started on that next month.

      I’ve had over 500 hits on the “Set Free To Love” blog in the 12 weeks it’s been up. I was a little surprised it did that well — especially surprised at the number of people from places like Romania and Germany. but it’s very gratifying. That book has sold well, and, of course it leads people to want to read the other four in the series. But since I’ve had such a good turnout on that site, I’ll probably post a different one on here — maybe one with a little espionage as well as a little romance. Those two things are always popular, and the novel that has sold best of all for me deals with those two themes — as well as experiencing God.

      I’ll pray about it a little more and see what happens. Several friends and other writers tell me not to do that, but I wrote all of the books primarily for the purpose of ministry, and knowing people can read them on here and get something from God through them is what really matters. So, unless the Lord really puts a check in my spirit about it, I think I’ll post another one soon.

      By the way, I’m about to confront some birds at my house. I noticed today that I’ve had some sections of soffit come off and evidently blow way, and I’m pretty sure some of these Starlings (I think) have built a nest up under my eaves. Naughty, naughty birds!

    1. Hey, thank you so much, Gilly. I appreciate that comment. I wasn’t sure if it would really pass for a decent piece of poetry, but it’s all I could come up with, and I kind of liked it myself. I think I’m just such a kid inside that the rhymes come from that part of me. Anyway, this month has been fun, and it’s helped alleviate a lot of stressfull situations that have swamped me this month as well.

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