September in the Rain

I’m in the mood to listen to the rain. The gentle sound of falling rain has always been soothing to me, and, since this is the month that I think of as the beginning of fall, I acquaint it with autumn rain. So I’m borrowing this lovely video to share with you, and I’ll throw in a happy little rain poem of my own for good measure.


I am a raindrop
I’m looking for a place to plop.
I’m falling quickly and cannot stop.

I don’t know where I’d like to be,
But I def’nitely don’t want to land in the sea.

You see, if I were to land in the sea,
It would be so anti-climactic for me.

I would lose my personal identity;
Even I would no longer recognize me.

No, I must find someplace solid instead.
Perhaps on a daisy in a flower bed.

Or a plant so parched it’s almost dead,
Or the page of a book that’s being read.

I must decide as fast as I can.
I’m falling quickly toward some folks on the sand.

So many are out there just getting a tan.
Hello there, little bald-headed man.

His head sure was tempting, but then a breeze blew
And drove me off course; what am I to do?

Oh, I see it! I see it! My target’s in view!
Get ready! Get ready! I’m landing on you!

© 2011 Sandra Conner



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