FMF October Challenge 2017 – Day 1

Ooooops. I accidentally linked my Day 1 page to the main site for the challenge. To find my Home Page and the links to all 31 posts, click HERE. Thanks.   Today’s prompt is “Worship.” Worship: it’s the door to peace, power, and pleasures for evermore. Jonah found worship to be his most powerful helpContinue reading “FMF October Challenge 2017 – Day 1”

Christmas Bells

On Christmas Day, 1863, in the midst of a war that was ripping apart the very country his own forefathers had sacrificed to create – a war that was stretching his own personal faith in God to its very limit – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow penned words to a new poem. This Christmas, in the faceContinue reading “Christmas Bells”

The Patriot Minute 11/10/13 — 60 seconds of meditating, re-evaluating, & re-affirming

If the United States would be a world leader for peace, then we must be a leader for righteousness first. So say many of our great leaders, who learned first-hand that righteousness begets peace, and peace then produces more righteousness. But they did not discover this truth on their own. God Himself made it clearContinue reading “The Patriot Minute 11/10/13 — 60 seconds of meditating, re-evaluating, & re-affirming”

September in the Rain

I’m in the mood to listen to the rain. The gentle sound of falling rain has always been soothing to me, and, since this is the month that I think of as the beginning of fall, I acquaint it with autumn rain. So I’m borrowing this lovely video to share with you, and I’ll throwContinue reading “September in the Rain”

NaPoWriMo – Day 13 – Along The River

The prompt for Day 13 was to take a walk and incorporate the elements of that walk into a poem. ALONG THE RIVER The sun is playing hide and seek with clouds Along the river. The clouds are gray, but friendly, soft, and free Along the river. I move unhampered by the flirting breeze AlongContinue reading “NaPoWriMo – Day 13 – Along The River”