5-Minute-Friday October Challenge 2017 Home Page


CARTOON WRITER, PINK, SPIKEY HAIR 2I’m taking part in this year’s “Five-Minute-Friday” October Challenge, but I should probably explain that I am taking a little liberty with the “5-minute” description of the project:  I am not restricting myself to writing for just 5 minutes. I’m using this challenge to spur myself to write daily after being in a rather stagnate state due to a grievous loss in my life and its effect on my creativity. So as I discipline myself to write something based on the daily prompt, I am allowing myself to continue to write until I feel released each day.

If what I write turns out to be considerably longer than the posts offered by other participants, I will certainly understand if some visitors feel they cannot spare the time to read everything. I hope what I offer here will be a blessing to readers, but I know it will be a blessing for me to simply write. The list below will link readers to each day’s post.

Day 1 – Worship

Day 2 – Tell

Day 3 – Create

Day 4 – Hope