Tell Me A Story – New Writing Challenge

Okay, my dear readers, it’s time for a new challenge to your imagination and creativity! “Tell Me A Story” is my new writing challenge for all of you talented people, and it has only 3 rules:

  1. Tell me a story inspired by the picture below. You can use anywhere between 50 and 500 words.
  2. Make sure your story is appropriate for this “G” rated blog.
  3. If you use the photo with your story, be sure and link to Bob Mielke’s blog“Northwest Photographer” – because he is the terrific photographer who gave me permission to use his photo.

I’ll post a new challenge next Saturday, so try to get your story in by next Friday. And DON’T FORGET TO LEAVE the LINK TO YOUR STORY in my “Comments” section.

Have fun.


14 thoughts on “Tell Me A Story – New Writing Challenge

  1. There’s more truth to that story. I was standing at that door that led to nowhere when it suddenly opened. It only leads to a maintenance entrance to climb up to feed those giraffes. I learned this because as I stood there a staff member climbed down from the short ladder hidden behind the door. I told him of the creation of the special magical door, the children’s book that was created as a result of that door and the story of Sandra and bob. I gave him one of my contact cards with the link to my email and 3 blogs that I write. He is now a follower. Play it forward. – Bob Mielke

    1. That is so neat! Thanks for sharing that part of the story, Bob. I’m currently preparing a post that lists some of my favorite posts from past years, and this story is definitely on the list. I enjoyed that picture and creating that story very, very much. This new post will link back to the favorite stories I’m reviewing, which will also include the link to your site, so it may lead to some more new visitors to your site as well.

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