Friday Fictioneers – 10/25/13 — ‘Requiem’

This week’s Friday Fictioneers challenge just cried out for a poem rather than prose, so I’ve told my story in verse this time. The photo is compliments of our hostess, Rochelle Wiseoff-Fields. My story is below the picture.

dismantled keyboard


What? You ask how did it happen?
Torn asunder piece by piece?
I admit it was my doing:
Thought perhaps my pain ‘twould ease.

For I cannot find my music;
Cannot hear the melody.
Cannot feel the beat, the rhythm;
And, of course, no harmony.

Still, my soul keeps searching, reaching;
Won’t believe the gift is gone.
It once coursed throughout my being;
Every breath exhaled a song.

Every heartbeat set a tempo;
Notes cascaded from my mind;
Even in sleep, my dreams invaded —
Nocturnes delicate, sublime.

Now, I’ve only fleeting memories
Of creating symphonies.
Tragedy beyond my bearing:
There’s no music left in me!


(Author’s note: For the sake of my wonderful friends who might worry about whether I’m going through such a tragedy personally, the answer, gratefully, is “No.”  But I can imagine how devastating such an experience would be for any musician/composer.)

Join in the fun:


18 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – 10/25/13 — ‘Requiem’

  1. Dear Sandra,

    I’m not a huge fan of rhyming poetry because it can come across as singsong. Yours did not. In fact this was deep and well layered. The last line left me aching with hollow loneliness for the narrator. Simply beautiful.



  2. Dear Sandra,

    What a beautiful and heartfelt poem. Not a stanza out of place nor an emption untapped. It flowed effortlessly off of my tongue (I read the poems aloud as this often uncovers unintended dissonance in lesser offerings.)

    Even had I not known your history and background as a musician I would have been able to tell it from the way your words told this tale of love and loss. Mark this one down as one of your best in a long list of excellent offerings.



  3. Oh what a beautiful poem. I’m glad you aren’t going through this yourself, but what a horrible feeling to have one’s creative well run dry. Especially a musical one!! I just have to say I also love the name of your blog title and your banner with the horse and the tagline! Very cool!

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