Pages Good Enough to Eat

It is no secret to any of my regular blogging friends that I LOVE Christmas. And one of my favorite sites on the entire Internet is the Vintage Christmas Catalog page:

I’m feeling a little sad right now because that page is going through some kind of technical problems (hopefully temporary) and cannot be accessed. So … alas … I must try to console myself. I figured the best way was to post a nice big picture of one of the candy pages from a 1957 Sears Canada Christmas Catalog. I especially like this particular page because it also features another of my favorite food groups: fruitcake.

 I hope all of you enjoy this yummy page as much as I do.




7 thoughts on “Pages Good Enough to Eat

  1. Too bad the prices are not the same as then and that we don’t dare eat as many calories as we could then.

    1. Yes, it was our mother who really made Christmas what it was for my family. She loved Christmas herself, and she never tired of doing all kinds of special and fun things to prepare for it and enjoy it. She made it last as long as possible. And she was never involved in a lot of the commercialism or ultra shopping. She never tried to keep up with anyone else or the way of the world system. So there was never any kind of “holiday stress” involved. She just enjoyed celebrating the Lord’s birth and sharing decorations, foods, gifts, and family times as part of the celebration. There was so much love involved in that season for us that both my sister and I have carried the excitement of it for all these years.

  2. Last year I discovered a vintage cookbook of my mothers from the late 30s called ‘The American Woman’s Cookbook’. I made a few of my Christmas cookies out of it and they all turned out fabulous – especially the Scottish Shortbread. As for fruitcake, it was never a tradition growing up, but it’s one that has recently been adopted in my house and I must say I am hooked! If you haven’t tried it yet, Alton Brown’s fruitcake is amazing.

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