Friday Fictioneers — 11/8/13 — ‘Now You See It … Now You Don’t

Friday Fictioneers just keeps tickling my whimsy, and I can’t seem to get a serious thought for my stories lately. Oh, well, I’m having fun, and that’s really the reason I joined this team of delightfully talented people. See below my story for links to join in the fun if you haven’t already.

This week’s photo is courtesy of Al Forbes

Copyright-Al Forbes


At the very top of the building you see what’s left of the king’s former messenger,” the guide explained. “Doomed by a curse to hang from the roof and look straight ahead forever but never see anything. Punishment for looking lustfully at the king’s daughter.”

You mean he’s still alive?” one tourist asked.

Indeed, but will never have a body unless the princess herself breaks the curse.”


She must publicly forgive him, then climb up and seal the forgiveness with a kiss.”

And she refuses?”

Oh, she’s willing enough, but … alas … she’s afraid of heights.”



To join in the fun and write your own 100-word story about this picture, hop over and get all the scoop about the challenge at Rochelle’s site.



16 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers — 11/8/13 — ‘Now You See It … Now You Don’t

    1. Well, of course, in all good fairy tales, there has to be a solution that brings a happy ending, but blowing a kiss seems just TOO EASY. Maybe I can think of something else that will work and add a sequel.

    1. But climbing a ladder blindfolded would make anyone shaky, don’t you think? — Even if they weren’t afraid of heights originally. No, I’m sure it isn’t going to be that simple to fix. Maybe I’ll give it some thought and dig down deeply enough into my reservoir of creativity and find a sequel that will set him free.

  1. Dear Sandra,

    As someone afraid of heights, I related to the poor princess. Doug’s suggestion for the blindfold and ladder would only make it worse for me. 😉 In any case I laughed out loud at this one. Thank you for a piece of humor at a time I really could use it.



    1. So glad to have provided a touch of humor in a time of need. And I agree: a blindfold would make the poor girl more frightened! One has to wonder if the perpetrator of that curse knew the princess was afraid of heights.

    1. Thank you, Lindaura. I’ve been scrunched for time this week, but hopefully, I’ll get around to read many of the other offerings (including yours) before the link shuts down on Tuesday.

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