25-Word Story Challenge: ‘Wedding Plans’



Here’s my story for the 25-word story challenge.






Sorry folks,” Carter said. “Seems my bride eloped with someone else.” He laughed. “She took the car I’d arranged for my own last-minute escape.”




To join in the fun, hop over to the challenge itself and get the details (link above).    It’s really easy – well – easy to join – not so easy to write a complete story in 25 words – but, hey, if it were easy, why do it, right?







8 thoughts on “25-Word Story Challenge: ‘Wedding Plans’

    1. Yes, that’s why I thought I could consider it a “complete” story. They met, thought they were in love, planned to marry, realized they had made a mistake, and then did something to fix the mistake. Happy Ending!

      Sorry I forgot the link to the challenge in this post. Here’s the scoop:

      (I answered your other comment first and put the link there too, but just in case you only read one, I have my bases covered.)

    1. It isn’t really a “contest.” It’s just the challenge that I posted on April 2 — to write a complete story in 25 words or less between now and April 10 and post the link to it in the comments section of the challenge post. But I’m glad you asked because it reminded me that I left the link to that post out of this one with my own story — DUH! So here’s the link to the challenge itself:

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