Wordless Wednesday







2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    1. Actually, the whole tree smells good. I find myself petting these branches because the needles are SO SOFT. I think I have a love affair with this tree. I’m actually looking into getting a new job and relocating, but I have a really hard time thinking about leaving Big Blue. I’ve had him for about 13 years, and he was the same height as I was when I planted him. His growth had been stunted because he was stuck beneath another really HUGE Blue Spruce and wasn’t getting enough sun. He was bent sideways because of trying to reach the sun. And since he had been planted in an old wooden barrel, he didn’t have enough soil to grow — so he worked his roots down through the cracks in the barrel and dug his roots into the ground in order to keep growing. Now he stands perfectly straight, at well over 20 feet tall, and it would take at least 12 people with their arms stretched full length to get around him at his base. So I guess the possibility of taking him with me if I move is sort of out of the question. I used to decorate him with lights at Christmas every year, but when I got to the place that a ladder and a 12-foot pole wouldn’t reach the top, I stopped doing that.

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