‘Man With A Gun’ Hits a Snag

SMILEY - SAD FACE - PEACHI am sending out my sincerest apologies to all who want to take part in the “Man With A Gun” Saturday writing challenge. I was supposed to have posted the next story this Saturday so that others could participate and post the links to their stories on my story. However, due to a major upheaval in our family this week (nothing tragic, but an event that required my undivided attention Thursday through Sunday), I was unable to post a new story — or do any blogging of any kind.

Any of you authors out there who had a story for this weekend, please forgive me, and please don’t give up on taking part in the challenge. You can feel free to post the link to your new story on last Saturday’s story, or you can hold onto it and post it with my new story this coming Saturday, August 16.

And if you haven’t heard about the challenge yet — or haven’t decided to take part — maybe this interruption will give you a chance to think about it more and jump in.


2 thoughts on “‘Man With A Gun’ Hits a Snag

  1. I am glad to hear it was not tragic Sandra and I am sure everyone that wanted to take part will understand. 😀

    Take care and have a great weekend. ♥ Hugs ♥

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