9 thoughts on “Six-Word Saturday – 10/25/14

    1. It’s a challenge, but when your cousin brings you barbecued ribs and sweet potato fries for supper, and you didn’t have to do anything about cooking or cleanup, you just can’t help but write about it.

    1. Oh, that’s really good. Two 6’s in one night. You should definitely do ‘Six-Word Saturday’ next week. And sorry about not sharing the ribs. I had more than enough, but I decided to keep them for today.

  1. Hey Sandra,, just a few lines in response to your query on Nano. Well the real answer for me is I am going to give it another go,, trying my best to get through my story for recapping, just over half way through. Nano works for some and me because – I love the challenge and the daily commitment.. there are a couple of options on the Nano web site to connect with writing buddies. [ that is-other people also doing it, who wish to connect to each other through the Nano website. But the best bit is to join a local group, also on web site, and connect to writers near you,, here there is a leader and they arrange write ins where people meet up, talk and help each while having a write in,[day or evening it depends.] mine has a facebook page as well and we have had quite a few chat days on this media. I find this good if you get a little low or stuck for ideas or just the real encouragement these people give each other. As I say it works for some and does so for me, if you are lucky enough to have a local group like mine you cannot fail.. I wish you good luck if you do it.. after all it is only a month,,,, famous last words… I hope this is of use…

    1. Thanks, Gerry. I didn’t realize there were such things as local groups. I’ll go onto the site and read it more thoroughly and see what I can find out about anything that might be close to me.

    1. Me too!!! And these were not the little skinny ones. These were broad and thick. But I love sweet potatoes almost anyway at all. In fact, I love potatoes almost any way at all. Mashed, fried, boiled, baked, potato salad — and I can eat any of them hot or cold. I could literally live on potatoes. But, of course, I would feel a little deprived if I never had my chocolate.

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