Share Your World, 2014 – Week 46

Share Your World this week has us traveling. Visit Cee’s photography blog to learn how to participate in the fun.

Question # 1: On vacation, what would you require in any place that you sleep?

Scrupulously clean bed linens and scrupulously clean bathroom. (And they are extremely hard to find anywhere.)

Question # 2: Music or silence while working?

Ear 2
When I’m cleaning house, washing dishes, or fixing things, I like to listen to music. But when I’m writing or preparing a lesson, I have to have ABSOLUTE quiet.

Question # 3: If you were to move, and your home came fully furnished with everything you ever wanted, list at least three things from your old house that you wish to retain.

Well, I’m going to assume that we would all take things like our personal photos, books, cooking utensils, computers, etc. So I’ll refer mainly to furniture items. I wouldn’t move without taking the maple secretariat that was my mothers, the book case my father made me, the fold-down oak table that was my great-aunts, a chair that has been in my family since I was six years old, and the child’s padded rocking chair that my parents bought for me when I was 2 years old.  None of those things are worth any significant amount monetarily, but they are priceless to me.
Question # 4:  What’s your least favorite mode of transportation?

Flying. I don’t have any particular fear concerning plane crashes, but I do hate to go through all the lengthy, aggravating processes of security, and, most of all, I hate the idea that I am imprisoned with a crowd of strangers in a rather cramped, artificial environment, and I have absolutely no say in when I can get off.

I realize that on a train or a bus, I have no real say either, but there’s some subconscious sense that, as long as I’m on the ground, I could manage to get someone to stop if I really had to. Ships don’t bother me as much, because on a ship, I can get outside and walk around on deck and feel I have more control.

Whenever I tell people how I feel about plane travel, they assume I must have claustrophobia, but I don’t have any particular problem with being in small enclosed places in general. Elevators don’t bother me. Neither do telephone booths. When all is said and done, I think it’s primarily a control thing. I don’t really like traveling in any vehicle where I cannot control when we start, stop, get in, or get out.
Bonus Question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I’m very grateful that I finally sat down and studied the tutorials for YouTube and Vimeo and learned how to make the videos and post them to those two networks. I’m even more grateful that I was able to learn how in a relatively short time.

This week I am looking forward to all the delightful anticipation of celebrating Thanksgiving and preparing for Christmas — including getting my lights up on my house and putting up my little tree.



6 thoughts on “Share Your World, 2014 – Week 46

  1. I can’t stand coach travel, long distance that is. Went on a trip to Paris and it was so cramped and boring.. oh and it was raining and cold…not in the coach 😉

    1. I took a couple pictures of my outside lights, but they both turned out blurry. I’ll try again this week. But I got too busy to get my little tree up. I’ve been looking over some of my favorite decoration pictures from past years as well, so maybe I’ll do a whole post on Christmas decorations. Maybe that will inspire you to do a little.

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