Daily Post Prompt: Squat

` “You don’t know diddly squat about it!” “Oh, yes I do. I know you broke a date with Mary Jane to go out with Hildy.” Sam Paskell stood toe-to-toe with his best friend, Herman Gates. “Herman,” he growled, grasping his friend by the shirt collar and pulling him forward, “if you say one wordContinue reading “Daily Post Prompt: Squat”

Share Your World, 2014 – Week 46

Share Your World this week has us traveling. Visit Cee’s photography blog to learn how to participate in the fun. Question # 1: On vacation, what would you require in any place that you sleep? Scrupulously clean bed linens and scrupulously clean bathroom. (And they are extremely hard to find anywhere.) ~ Question # 2:Continue reading “Share Your World, 2014 – Week 46”