Today our assignment is to write a prose poem (poetry that makes itself apparent as such although written as prose — without standard meters or rhyme schemes.). Our subject is fingers, and the poetic technique that we are aiming for is assonance (repetition of vowel sounds).


My Fingers Touched the Keys of Silence

My fingers touched the keys of silence, and I played its song. It pulled from me a longing that I thought was gone forever – the yearning to release my soul in flowing words that birth new life in images and sounds that intertwine and reach another soul and draw it close to mine. I feared my well was dry, my soul an empty sieve, and that I’d nevermore know a yearning to create with words that live. Ah, the peace, the solace that replaces fear. For now I know I have it still – the gift to make words living things. All it took was spending time with silence for a while, and as it’s music played, it filled my well again.