A Cinquain Complaint

Figure it out:
Why WordPress is so dumb.
Each change they make just makes things worse.
It stinks.

We try
To let them know.
But if they hear us cry,
They just ignore our humble pleas.
But why?

And now
It’s much, much worse.
Could be I’ll have to move
And take my blogging students too.
So sad.



17 thoughts on “A Cinquain Complaint

    1. No, I’m referring to the fact that their “new editor” that they tried to force on us last year has never worked correctly in several of the themes — also, the fact that they arbitrarily changed the options on several themes about 4 months ago and left a lot of us using themes that we used to be able to change font colors and other things on, but that now will not change any longer unless we buy an upgrade (all of these theme changes without any warning) — and the fact that they have changed the editor again this past month, and almost nothing on it works correctly on my theme — just to name the biggies. That doesn’t include all the smaller problems they’ve caused.

      They used to make it possible to go back to the old classic dashboard and editor if we wanted to, and that at least helped. But my latest blogging students discovered that anyone creating a brand new blog now has to work really hard and carefully to even get back to the old editor (which is the only one that works correctly on all themes.) And my blogging class students are in a confused mess because they began with one kind of system and now have to switch to a different set of operations that do not work correctly. When you’re brand new to blogging and just learning the process, you need to have a system that works correctly and that doesn’t keep changing every time you pull up your site.

      There are loads of bloggers who are fed up with what’s been happening the past couple years here. If these things don’t kick in and work correctly and they don’t give us back some of the common options that we started with (and that they still advertise as part of the free themes) I’m going to have to start taking my blogging classes to Blogger to create their blogs.

      But, obviously, I couldn’t put all this information into a cinquain. Just too many words with all the wrong numbers of syllables.

      1. I interact with other bloggers who use Blogger, and anyone who really wants to interact with me could follow my blogs on Blogger as well as WP. They will get an e-mail notice when I publish a new post. If they don’t want to bother to follow my blogs there, then they don’t really care whether they interact with me or not. But I’m not making any hasty decisions. I’m going to give them until my new blogging class begins for the spring term in January. If they have most of this stuff fixed by then so that my students can actually learn how to do something and find it works the same way the next time they pull up their site, I’ll probably be able to stay. I’m more concerned about my blogging students than I am myself personally right now. Everything I tried to get done today with the new editor was a total mess. And for brand new bloggers, WP is now making it very, very difficult to switch to the old classic dashboard and editor — which are the only ones that work correctly on several of the themes. We’ll see what January brings.

    1. I’m going to give them until my new blogging class starts in January. If they have most of these problems ironed out, I’ll try to stay here with my students, but if not, I’ll have to let my classes go to Blogger to learn the ropes. People who are trying to learn from scratch have to have a system that works correctly and that doesn’t change every time they pull up their site.

      I hate to have to shift all my material to Blogger. I do have a couple blogs over there, but I didn’t have as many friends that I interacted with there, and I wanted to stay here. So I seldom blog over there anymore.

      However, if I leave WP, anyone who really wants to interact with me can follow my blogs over there just as well as here, and they’ll get an e-mail notice whenever I publish a post. And I can still interact with everyone over here by visiting and commenting as well. I’ll see how things are working come January.

  1. My latest gripe is that I’m not getting my email notifications even though most of them are set for immediate delivery. Then they all come through together in one fell swoop hours after people have posted. I suddenly got 296 emails this evening. 😬

    1. I activated a new theme the other day which had bold solid black font for the title. But when I activated it, the theme gave me some kind of medium blue color for the title, and there was no way to get it to change no matter what I did. And when I tried to change the size of a photo in the newest editor — even though it “said” I could change it by doing so-and-so, the size would not change in either direction. It’s just one thing after another — and different things different days — and different things on different blogs. It’s just too much for beginning bloggers.

      1. I agree, it must be off-putting, with hindsight I don’t know how I managed in the beginning. I still think WordPress is the best platform though, the others seem very hard to comment on for instance. I size my photos before uploading them, have you tried that?

    1. Thank you, Dennis. I actually avoid it myself for my personal work, but due to the fact that people who are just now creating new blogs cannot get nearly as easy access to the old dashboard and editor, I’ve had to try to work with it so I can be ready for problems my students encounter. At this point, anyone who just created a blog as of about two months ago has no access whatsoever to the old dashboard and editor except to be sure they have the Meta Data widget in their sidebar and then they can go to their ‘home’ page and click on ‘site admin’ in that widget. It’s a totally backward, round-about, stupid way to have to access something you need to use every day, and it’s way more steps than new students need to have to deal with. That’s why I’m super aggravated right now, but I figured putting my feelings into a poem would sound less mean on my part.

  2. Frustration is getting worse for me also. Was updating some bird lists last night and thought I’d pull my hair out. Couldn’t get to the old editor to do it right. You comments are very true.

    1. There is one place you can go to get to the old classic dashboard. You have to go to your actual site and to your sidebar or footer — wherever you have your widgets. If you included the “Meta Data” widget on there, you’ll see “Site Admin” under that heading. Clicking that will still take you to the old dashboard and old editor window. If you don’t have the “Meta”widget included in your sidebar, you can go to widgets and put it in, and then it should still work. But, as you can see, that’s way too much to ask of brand new blogging students who don’t know the term “header” from “widget” to start with.

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