7 thoughts on “Two-Word Tuesday

        1. It’s been fun, but I’m not sure I can keep up another week with some other work that’s going to be pressing me. But if you have a chance to do another week, do it. You’re doing a great job of tying them into a significant word from the Word.

          In my blogging class last night, I took the students to your site — and a couple others — to show them some of the possibilities that they could look forward to. And thank God, WP finally got most of the bugs worked out of their new editor. We still can’t put borders around our pictures or get to a ‘help’ button from that new one, but at least the new students can learn to post articles and manage to get pictures and videos into the posts from there — and the new editor is finally posting things immediately — which it was’t doing previously on mine. So maybe we’ll skim through with the new editor for 90% of the stuff for my newest class this term.

        2. I started to answer your last comment, and I lost it completely. But I remember what it said. I can still get to my old editor that way as well, but people who start a brand new blog now cannot do that. WP does not give them that option. You can’t find “Site Admin” anywhere on the list that drops down from “My Sites” on a brand new blog. They can still pick it up from the home page of a blog under the META section on the sidebar, but that’s all. And they can’t get to the dashboard from the old editor at all. I’m going to have to take them to the dashboard from their home pages, and then have them bookmark the dashboard page so they can get back to it if they need it while they’re in the new editor. It’s a total mess for brand new bloggers, because WP is now trying to force them to use the new program, but at least it does work for basic text and pictures and videos now. And it publishes when you tell it to. That was one of my biggest problems before. It would hold my posts for publishing at a later date, no matter what I told it to do. That’s finally fixed.

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