Waiting On Tomorrow (a poem)


If I had known in days gone by
The things I know today.
I’d have thought and felt and acted
Sometimes, in different ways.
If yesterday’s tomorrows had not
come ahead of time,
But waited ’till I’d learned some more
And made it to my prime,
I would have done a better job
Of living properly.
If wisdom from today had been
Unveiled back then to me.
And now, I’d like to put a hold
On life’s full speed ahead,
Just until tomorrow brings me
Knowledge from up ahead.

Why, I could guarantee success!
I could live the perfect way!
Could I just get my tomorrows
To become my yesterdays!


NaPoWriMo – Day 6 – ‘Cutting It Close’



Tongue in cheek, everyone. I know it isn’t quite playing by the rules, but when you’re out of time, you have to ad lib.





If I don’t write a poem today, ’twill be a pity.
But I’m so tired and worn it’s hard to think.
Perhaps if I just hum awhile, I’ll find a ditty.
I feel as though I am right on the brink.

So tra-lala-lala-lala-lala-lala;
Now, just a few more words I need to rhyme.
At last: a poem, just in the nick of time!



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