Prompt Nights – Music

This week’s “Prompt Nights” theme is music. I planned to write a brand new piece for the challenge, but I just kept being pulled back in my own mind to a piece I wrote some time ago. I know I shared a poem I had written previously for last week’s theme as well, and I don’t usually do that on challenges. But this one little poem just keeps tugging at me tonight, so I’m going to let it have a fresh airing for this new prompt.



What? You ask how was my keyboard
Torn asunder piece by piece?
I admit it was my doing:
Thought perhaps my pain ‘twould ease.

For I cannot find my music;
Cannot hear the melody.
Cannot feel the beat, the rhythm;
And, of course, no harmony.

Still, my soul keeps searching, reaching;
Won’t believe the gift is gone.
It once coursed throughout my being;
Every breath exhaled a song.

Every heartbeat set a tempo;
Notes cascaded from my mind;
Even in sleep, my dreams invadedย โ€”
Nocturnes delicate, sublime.

Now, I’ve only fleeting memories
Of creating symphonies.
Tragedy beyond my bearing:
There’s no music left in me!







14 thoughts on “Prompt Nights – Music

  1. Even in sleep, my dreams invaded โ€”
    Nocturnes delicate, sublime.

    Whistles!!! Oh Sandra I m soo glad you decided to share this poem for the prompt ๐Ÿ˜€ its absolutely riveting. The poem has a delightful rhythm all on its own. Beautifully executed. Thank you so much for participating ๐Ÿ˜€

    Lots of love,

  2. “Thereโ€™s no music left in me!” This is a heart-rending piece (and I hope it isn’t true for your music).It isn’t true for your poetry because this is a lovely piece. That is a big fear for me. There are times I feel my words have deserted me and while it not as if my poetry is great or would be a loss to the world it would hurt my soul.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment and your concern. And, no, thank the Lord, this poem doesn’t relate any personal experience on my part. I think it’s more a description of how anyone with an artistic gift would have to feel if he did suddenly find himself bereft of that gift.

      But to be honest — and hopefully this will encourage you — I truly believe that when a person has a gift for writing, they do not lose it. I teach creative writing, and I tell all my students that if a person truly loves to write, then it’s because he has a gift for writing. I personally believe that gift is from the Lord, and His Word promises us that His gifts are never recalled or taken away. We may have some dry times, when we have to dig a little deeper for the words, but we don’t lose the gift of using words to create in physical form what is in our souls.

  3. Very nicely written Sandra. My writing dries up occasionally, but given a rest it comes back – maybe what’s left of my brain gets a little tired and needs a holiday – keep writing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Thanks, Dennis, and yes, as I shared with Debi, I truly believe the gift sticks with us, but we do need to have periods of rest and re-creativeness. I truly thank God that I’ve never felt what I described in the poem because I do believe it would be a sorrow that was beyond bearing.

  4. I loved your poem here. Sometimes we experience writer’s block but the answer to that is music, cause it brings forth words. thanks for this.

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