It would appear that I am a less than satisfactory housekeeper. Now, I have never tried to pass myself off as a ‘perfect’ housekeeper,’ but I thought I at least passed muster. I mean, my house is seldom in ‘apple-pie’ order, but what needs to be clean is clean, and most of the time people can walk through my house from front to back without tripping over anything or needing to dance around junk sitting out in the way. But recently, after talking to a close acquaintance, I got to remembering conversations with others over the passed few years,  and suddenly I find that I seem to be out in left field somewhere in the housekeeping department.

So I’m taking a survey. Now, I’m sure most of you won’t bother to answer these questions. But if a few of you good souls would be so kind, I would really appreciate your time and attention. I just need to find out how far into left field I have drifted in my housekeeping duties. So here goes. Just leave me a note in my “Comments” section with your answers. These questions are for readers of both genders because men are often as good a housekeepers as ladies. So please, guys, put in your two cents’ worth as well.

I’m hoping, of course, to find a few souls out there who fall into the same bracket I seem to be in, but don’t let my hopes influence you. BE HONEST. If I’m living in a dream world, thinking my house is clean and I have nothing to feel guilty about, I need to know it now.

Here are the questions:

  1. Do you vacuum your walls?
  2. Do you get down on your hands and knees and use a toothbrush to clean the edges of your tile where it meets the wall and the cabinets?
  3. Do you keep a towel handy to wipe down the sink every time you use it?
  4. Do you clean your toilet stool plunger with soap every time you use it for a messy job?(I’m not talking about swishing it in the clean water in the toilet bowl. I’m talking spraying bathroom cleanser on it and rinsing it several times)
  5. Do you wash all the windows, inside and out, every 6 months?
  6. Do you wash out all your garbage cans every week?
  7. When you dust, do you pick up every single book and figurine and dust it individually?
  8. Do you clean out and rearrange every dresser drawer and closet every year?
  9. Do you clean all your Venetian blinds every year?
  10. Do you vacuum or sweep under your beds every week?
  11. Do you vacuum behind your refrigerator and stove every week?
  12. Do you clean your coffee maker with vinegar every month the way the owner’s booklet advises?
  13. Do you move beds, sofas, and other big pieces of furniture every time you vacuum?
  14. Do you wash all the woodwork in your house every year?
  15. Do you get down on your hands and knees by your drive and/or sidewalk and use scissors to get the grass that was left by the hedge trimmer?

Now, this survey is easy for me because I have just one answer to all these questions. NO.

Maybe I should be ashamed. I’m not.  Well, at least I wasn’t —  but I may wait until I read some of your answers before I let myself off the hook.

Thanks for participating in my survey. You can feel free to pass it along if you like and reprint these questions on your own site to see what you can find out from your own readers. Well — that is — if you aren’t too busy cleaning.