The Greater Fear

—————–My friend, fellow poet Dennis O’Brien, from Australia, has spoken truth in this article — in both poetry and prose. Good job, Dennis.


A Judgement on Paris

Beirut – once Paris of the East,
Until Mohammed’s flock increased.
Soon Paris, as the fiends infest,
Will be the Beirut of the West.

It seems that when it comes to human nature, the greater fear will always win out. One would think that the recent bombing in Manchester, added to the long list of Islamic terrorist atrocities over the past decades, would be enough to make people in the West afraid of the rise of radical Islam in their countries, and vocal about it, but the majority it seems still have that much greater fear – the fear of not being thought of as good and virtuous or even worse. (but then, is there anything worse than that these days?) And of course this is a well-founded fear: If you wish to keep your job, particularly if you work in the public service or for…

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