Daily Post Prompt: Reprieve

WOMAN AT COMPUTER - HAPPYYesterday I got to thinking
What a mistake I’d be making
To proceed with plans of taking
Vows of marriage to that man.

So I pondered how to fix it —
How I could politely nix it —
It befuddled me, I’ll admit.
Could not come up with a plan.

But an e-mail came today,
And now everything’s okay.
For reprieve he’s made the way:
He eloped with his friend Stan.


D. P. Prompt: Reprieve



4 thoughts on “Daily Post Prompt: Reprieve

  1. Thanks for giving me a laugh with your neatly composed poem 🙂
    … Something a bit like that happened to a friend of mine once – except she wasn’t looking for a way out.

    1. Oh, my. I’m sorry for your friend. I had the idea of a bride getting a reprieve when I started the poem, but by the end of stanza two, I still had no concrete way of working it out, and I was straining for rhyme. Suddenly, I thought of Stan, who rhymed perfectly, and that’s how he got in there. But after I thought of it, I figured there had to be some people out there that the situation had really happened to, so it wasn’t too far-fetched.

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