The Journey – Friday Fictioneers 9/8/17

Copyright: Danny Bowman


Created by feet of Shoshone buffalo hunters, the trail had eventually become a stage coach road. But today, Hiram Baker plodded it alone – hungry, thirsty, bone-weary. His horse had given out two days ago, and all that kept him going was the love of a blue-eyed woman waiting for him beyond that mountain range. Cecilia had promised to marry him as soon as he was released from prison. Eight years could change a woman’s heart … but he knew Cecilia. Her heart could feel his, and those blue eyes would see him as he crossed over the summit.


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31 thoughts on “The Journey – Friday Fictioneers 9/8/17

    1. Well, first I had it as 6 years, but I wanted to ‘up’ the emotion, so I changed it to 8. But look at it this way: If it’s only 8 years, at least it wasn’t for killing someone or committing some other heinous crime.

  1. I’m noticing that no one who’s commenting so far is looking at this story with any kind of romantic heart. No one is seeing it from a positive point of view. That’s interesting to me.

  2. Dear Sandra,

    I’m pulling for them and I think she’s going to emerge from her cabin to run and embrace him. That’s how I see it anyway. I’m all for the happy ending. 😀



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