Daily Grind Coffee Quotes – Day 1

I recently discovered some great coffee pictures, and now I can’t seem to stop myself from coming up with fitting slogans for all of them.  So I decided I’d just turn them into my own ‘Coffee Calendar.’ 🙂 Then I figured that while I’m accumulating my pics and creating my quotes, I might as well share them with my readers here. I need at least 12 for a full year’s calendar, but I may have more than 12 to work with. I’m thinking I’ll also do a series of coffee-themed greeting cards. So when I’m to the end of my collection, maybe all of you readers can help me choose the 12 to use for the printed calendar and another 12 for the card series.

Well, I can’t get done until I’ve begun, so today’s the day.  Enjoy!



In a slump?
In a funk?
And nothing seems to help?



Photo courtesy of Stocksnap at pixabay.com




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