Thanksgiving Thursday 10/5/17


This week I am so thankful for my creative writing students. I do love teaching writing classes. If I can give writers even one or two things that help them become better at their craft, or just help them enjoy it more, or continue writing when the going’s a bit rough, it makes me feel terrific. And so often working on the lessons for my classes — and trying to find ways to help them — challenges and stretches me as a writer too.

I’m keeping today’s post on the short side because I need to devote as much time as possible to preparing for my writing class this evening. So I’ll leave my thoughts more brief than usual — but my gratitude is definitely not at all on the short side.

Remember, if you have something you’re particularly grateful for today — or any time this week — feel free to share a link here in the “Comments” section, so we can read your ‘thanksgiving’ post as well.


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