Thanksgiving Thursday 10/5/17


This week I am so thankful for my creative writing students. I do love teaching writing classes. If I can give writers even one or two things that help them become better at their craft, or just help them enjoy it more, or continue writing when the going’s a bit rough, it makes me feel terrific. And so often working on the lessons for my classes — and trying to find ways to help them — challenges and stretches me as a writer too.

I’m keeping today’s post on the short side because I need to devote as much time as possible to preparing for my writing class this evening. So I’ll leave my thoughts more brief than usual — but my gratitude is definitely not at all on the short side.

Remember, if you have something you’re particularly grateful for today — or any time this week — feel free to share a link here in the “Comments” section, so we can read your ‘thanksgiving’ post as well.


Thanksgiving Thursday — one day late

I had so much going on yesterday — with roofers at my house and a printer that wouldn’t print my curriculum for my writing class Thursday night. As a result, I missed posting my “Thanksgiving Thursday” post. So I’m a day late, but determined. If you’d like to share something you’re thankful for this week, just post about it and paste the link to it in the “Comments” section below — any day is fine.


FORKLIFT WITH BOXESThis week I’m thankful for my NEW ROOF.  Yes indeedy!  The old one was down to the bare wood on one side. Thanks to God’s protection, it had not started leaking into the house, but I’m so glad to have the new one.

I’m not including a picture of that roof because I’d have to stand so far away to get it to show that you couldn’t really see it clearly anyway. Instead, I’ve included a picture of a truck with a forklift because I stood and watched as one of the biggest trucks I’ve ever seen pulled into my yard, and then the driver turned to a forklift on the back of the truck and lifted huge pallets of roofing material from the bed of the truck all the way up onto my roof. I’d never watched anything like that before, and it was fun.

Even though you can’t see the roof for yourself, you can take my word for it:  IT’S PRETTY!




Thanksgiving Thursday 9/21/17

Many of you know that I have been going through a very sad time in my life lately. And, as I’m sure most of you are aware, it’s very easy to let the sadness add its weight to all the other pressures and stresses of life and cloud our vision so that we focus on the negative much more than it deserves our focus. So today I’m making a point of focusing on something positive that I’m thankful for. And I think, perhaps, I’ll make this focus a weekly priority — every Thursday — for a while. Any of you who have something you’re thankful for are welcome to share a link to your post on that subject right here in my comment window. (Doesn’t have to be a Thursday. Any day this week will be fine.)

This week I’m very grateful for the new family of birds in my yard. They seem to be living in my big Blue Spruce tree, and evidently there are a bunch of new babies. When I looked outside, about 7 of them were perched on the railing to my front steps — and in the azalea bush beside the steps. I just had to get some pictures of them — even though I had to shoot through the screened door. (That’s why the pics are a little fuzzy looking.) I didn’t dare open the door to get a clearer picture because the birds get frightened and scatter at the slightest sound.

I wish I’d had a way to video them because part of the time, one of the little birds had a hard time maintaining his grip on the wrought iron, and he kept sliding down the rail, into his neighbor. It was so cute.

Well, that’s about it, but I got interrupted while writing this, so the posting date may show Friday’s date instead of Thursday’s. Oh well, no matter. It’s still ‘Thanksgiving Thursday’ as far as I’m concerned. Don’t forget to share your own link here if you’d like to — anytime this week.