Thanksgiving Thursday 9/21/17

Many of you know that I have been going through a very sad time in my life lately. And, as I’m sure most of you are aware, it’s very easy to let the sadness add its weight to all the other pressures and stresses of life and cloud our vision so that we focus on the negative much more than it deserves our focus. So today I’m making a point of focusing on something positive that I’m thankful for. And I think, perhaps, I’ll make this focus a weekly priority — every Thursday — for a while. Any of you who have something you’re thankful for are welcome to share a link to your post on that subject right here in my comment window. (Doesn’t have to be a Thursday. Any day this week will be fine.)

This week I’m very grateful for the new family of birds in my yard. They seem to be living in my big Blue Spruce tree, and evidently there are a bunch of new babies. When I looked outside, about 7 of them were perched on the railing to my front steps — and in the azalea bush beside the steps. I just had to get some pictures of them — even though I had to shoot through the screened door. (That’s why the pics are a little fuzzy looking.) I didn’t dare open the door to get a clearer picture because the birds get frightened and scatter at the slightest sound.

I wish I’d had a way to video them because part of the time, one of the little birds had a hard time maintaining his grip on the wrought iron, and he kept sliding down the rail, into his neighbor. It was so cute.

Well, that’s about it, but I got interrupted while writing this, so the posting date may show Friday’s date instead of Thursday’s. Oh well, no matter. It’s still ‘Thanksgiving Thursday’ as far as I’m concerned. Don’t forget to share your own link here if you’d like to — anytime this week.





16 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Thursday 9/21/17

  1. Maybe those are my birds that got blown all the way out to you. 🙂
    I know about stress, but the Lord is faithful to get us through it and with us as we go through it.

      1. LOL!! 😱🤔😕🐦🐦😞. Praying 🙏🙏 you find nice quarters for them.🐦🐦🏚🏚💒. Maybe some of those
        misplaced birds around Florida will find a home here. 😀😀

        1. They couldn’t have a better place than Big Blue. He’s about 25 feet tall, and so big around that it would take a good 20 people holding hands to surround him. And he’s super healthy. So they — and multitudes of other birds — can live their safely.

          1. I appreciate that. And what I’m experiencing isn’t just depression. It’s the terrible loss in my life of someone who was almost my constant companion personally and also my biggest, most dependable help in my work and ministry. The friend who was killed 4 weeks ago was much more like a brother to me than just a friend. His absence is so prevalent in every single part of my life that it’s just very hard living through it. But I know the Lord has my hand, and He has brighter things for me ahead. It just takes a while to get to those things, and the journey is till very sad.

  2. I knew it wouldn’t dispel the loss, but to give you a bright spot. Just like the sun that peeks through the dark storm clouds, giving us assurance that a brighter time is coming. Praying for you.

    1. Thank you, and yes it is a bright spot, especially when I remember that the Lord cares so much for birds, so He obviously cares even more for me. And I do love watching baby birds, and these 7 were so cute. The one that kept losing his grip on the rail and sliding down was so funny. He actually looked like he was confused by what was happening. I could almost write a story about it. Maybe Emma will come up with one.

      1. Also, have you noticed that when we click on titles of people’s blogs now (in the notifications), we usually get taken to some white page with their individual post on it — and NOT to their actual blog. What’s with that? We work on our blogs to make them look like we want them, then people don’t even get to them.

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