We Have Our Own ‘Homing Device’

In the early morning of October 23 — just 11 days from today — thousands of swallows will lift off the grounds of the San Juan Capistrano mission, circle the mission once, and begin their pre-scheduled 7500-mile flight back to their home city of Goya, Argentina. They will have spent 7 months at the mission,Continue reading “We Have Our Own ‘Homing Device’”

Mockingbird Tso’i

The new poetic form I created last year (Tso’i) is still a challenge for me, but I’m finding it easier and easier to write in that form. This week I created two Tso’i, one for my “Ahyoka” poetry site and one for here. Today’s poem is a celebration of the return of my Mockingbirds toContinue reading “Mockingbird Tso’i”

Thanksgiving Thursday 9/21/17

Many of you know that I have been going through a very sad time in my life lately. And, as I’m sure most of you are aware, it’s very easy to let the sadness add its weight to all the other pressures and stresses of life and cloud our vision so that we focus onContinue reading “Thanksgiving Thursday 9/21/17”

Weekly Smile 80

Well, this week I’m sharing a lot more than a smile. I’m sure no one can watch this video without smiling, but I have to tell you that I laughed out loud — several times. These delightful birds had so much fun in this fountain. Several of them got completely carried away shoving their headsContinue reading “Weekly Smile 80”

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Close Up — 3 for 1

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Close Up I decided to go with variety this week. I took these shots at totally different times, and they have absolutely nothing in common — except that they were taken at pretty close range. *** *** ***   ~~~

Cinquain Found In Nature

Bird song Called me from dreams To greet the day at dawn, With scent of dew on morning lawn: Incense. ~ River, You fascinate. My soul delights to sit And feel the rush of life within Your heart. ~ Mountain Of solid rock, Unmoved by elements, Yet helpless in man’s drive to build Highways. ~Continue reading “Cinquain Found In Nature”

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge : Early Bird

Sunrise pictures are my very favorites, so here are just a few of the “early bird” shots I’ve managed to capture — and every one of them from my own front porch. I even included some honest to goodness early birds at the tail end.  To participate in the challenge, visit the Daily Post.   ~~~

A Morning’s Adventure for Blackie Bird & His Family

Today NaPoWriMo asked us to write a poem that is a conversation. It sounded like a fun thing to do, but I didn’t have any time to sit down to my computer and create one.  However, thinking about the challenge brought back to my memory a story I did a couple years ago that focusesContinue reading “A Morning’s Adventure for Blackie Bird & His Family”