WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Close Up — 3 for 1

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Close Up

I decided to go with variety this week. I took these shots at totally different times, and they have absolutely nothing in common — except that they were taken at pretty close range.

Glasses on a Ceramic Holder
Glasses on a Ceramic Holder


Stared Down By a Brave Bird


Friend's Grand Piano Signed & Illustrated by Liberace
Friend’s Grand Piano Signed & Illustrated by Liberace





10 thoughts on “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Close Up — 3 for 1

    1. A friend of mine bought me that ceramic nose to hold my glasses. I keep about four pair — all prescription glasses that I’ve collected — due to a couple deal of “buy one pair and get a second pair free.” But I don’t wear my glasses for close reading, because my vision is 20/20 for anything from my nose to about 4 feet away. But I see so well without them that I’ll sometimes lay them down and then have to hunt for them if I’m leaving the house, so I’ve started keeping one pair on this nose all the time so I’ll know where they are.

      1. πŸ™‚ I have to wear varifocals because I drive. I originally need then for reading and close up work, but out of laziness I wear them all the time…

    1. Back in the 1970’s a very dear friend of mine bought a Baldwin piano/organ business and made it one of the largest and most successful of Baldwin’s chain in the Midwest. He sold scores and scores of grands, and often did major concerts where celebrities came into play and help attract business. A lot of professional pianists preferred Baldwin to any other brand, and Liberace was one of them.

      He came to this area to do a concert for Bill, my friend, and this is the grand on which he performed. I worked with Bill for quite a while, helping to sell the instruments, but mainly creating and administrating a music education program for his store. We gave lessons on all kinds of instruments and even did a lab class for organ students. Anyway, when Liberace came, he played that specific grand for his performance, and then he autographed it for my friend — drawing the piano and candelabra on it personally.

      Now, that put my friend into quite a dilemma. He loved that piano and wanted to keep it, but his business sense told him he should sell it for sure — especially when Liberace’s recommendation of it and autograph on it would bring even more money.

      He did keep the piano for many years, however, but when a local family whose high-school age daughter (who was extremely talented) needed a grand, and they really wanted that particular piano, he finally sold it to them. He felt that since it was going to a young woman who was serious about her music — and it was staying here in town — he didn’t mind letting it go from the store.

      Now, the rest of the story is even more interesting. Many years later, my home church, here in town, acquired that piano, and it provided beautiful worship music in our sanctuary for more years than I can count. I played it myself many times. But two years ago, with the piano needing a good deal of refurbishing, and the church having moved on into doing most of the music electronically — with electronic keyboards and drums, etc. — the church decided to sell it. It was almost another year before they had a customer interested in it, and it was a man from Georgia, who is extremely serious about his music and who absolutely fell in love with the piano. So, once again, there was not any real sadness it letting the instrument go because that man loves it so much that he is going to refurbish it and bring it back to it’s original luster and play it with a lot of love.

      My friend Bill has gone on to be with the Lord now, and he wasn’t here to meet the man who bought the piano this time, but if he’s looking down from Heaven, I’m sure he’s very, very pleased with it’s new home.

  1. A nicely varied selection shots. Love the fierce looking bird the piano with the story to go with it πŸ™‚ That ceramic glasses holder is a ‘Hoot’ πŸ˜‰ I too am good at losing my glasses and like my friend Gerry I wear my varifocals all the time indoors. Don’t need them for driving yet though as I’m long-sighted.

  2. Good, diverse choices, Sandra. That first one makes me laugh. As you say, the problem with glasses is that if you set them aside, you can’t see well enough to find them easily. I don’t need my glasses for reading (unless I’m wearing my contacts and then reading glasses are required) and I have the same problem sometimes.


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