Meloncholy Monday

I’m having a rather melancholy Monday, so I decided to just post a picture that makes me feel happy.  I played this piano for years. So did one of my best friends in the world. So did the master pianist Liberace. What a colorful past it’s had. It has a new home in Georgia now.Continue reading “Meloncholy Monday”

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Close Up — 3 for 1

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Close Up I decided to go with variety this week. I took these shots at totally different times, and they have absolutely nothing in common — except that they were taken at pretty close range. *** *** ***   ~~~

100 Word Challenge for Grownups –Week # 73

I couldn’t resist jumping in this week. Thanks to Julia for all these great challenges. They help so much with the “discipline” of writing, don’t they? This week’s prompt is  “… the notes from the piano ….” So here’s my take: THE SILENT NOTES Lucy couldn’t understand. One whole octave silent … dead. She’d beenContinue reading “100 Word Challenge for Grownups –Week # 73”