WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Close Up — 3 for 1

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Close Up

I decided to go with variety this week. I took these shots at totally different times, and they have absolutely nothing in common — except that they were taken at pretty close range.

Glasses on a Ceramic Holder
Glasses on a Ceramic Holder


Stared Down By a Brave Bird


Friend's Grand Piano Signed & Illustrated by Liberace
Friend’s Grand Piano Signed & Illustrated by Liberace




100 Word Challenge for Grownups –Week # 73

100 WORD CHALLENGE LOGOI couldn’t resist jumping in this week. Thanks to Julia for all these great challenges. They help so much with the “discipline” of writing, don’t they? This week’s prompt is  “… the notes from the piano ….” So here’s my take:


Lucy couldn’t understand. One whole octave silent … dead. She’d been gone 20 years, but surely someone else played ….

Lifting the lid, she spotted the wad of papers — old — torn — wedged under the strings. Prying the papers loose, she studied them:  Letters!  Letters and notes!  And all signed by … him!

One whimper escaped.  Then a sob.  He really had written!  Father had hidden them, and when she’d gone, he’d stuffed them here.  Cruel joke!

Twenty years suffering a broken heart, and all that time ….

That’s what Father had meant when he’d whispered his dying words:  “The notes … from the piano ….”

To join in the fun, hop over to Julia’s place and check out the challenge. (You’ll also enjoy her terrific header photo. It just pulls you in and makes you want to stay awhile just looking at it.)