WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is “Angular.”






7 thoughts on “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular

    1. Thanks, Sonel. Actually, this piano has a lot of history. I worked for Baldwin for years at a huge store in my local area, owned by a dear friend of mine. We were both great Liberace fans (tells you how old I am), and when Baldwin put this grand on the market, my friend received it at his store to sell.

      Liberace was a Baldwin artist, and he played this particular piano and then autographed it inside. I have pictures of that as well, and in the office of the local store there’s still a picture of Liberace, my friend the store owner, and another dear friend who was a concert organist at the autographing.

      The sale of this particular instrument was sort of bitter-sweet for my friend because the instrument meant so much to him personally, but he was in business to sell pianos and organs. But a local man who had a high-school age daughter who was extremely gifted in music finally purchased the instrument for her. So, knowing it was going to the best kind of home, my friend had peace about letting it go, and we sold it. Many, many years later, the same piano was donated to the church where I go, and that has been its home for the past 20 years. The church is now trying to sell it because they want to switch to electronic keyboards only. That is a bitter-sweet experience for me because my friend is gone to be with the Lord now, and I miss him very much. Every time I play this piano I feel close to him, and I hate to see it go.

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